Tuesday, October 3, 2023

6 Tips for Raising Teenage Girls.

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Watch television with them. More and more parents are limiting the use of television within the home while failing to realize the youth today have a variety of options when it comes to stay on top of what’s happening in the world of entertainment. Watching television with teens gives us the opportunity to have conversations that we would have avoided or perhaps wouldn’t have thought to have. Reflecting on my teen years I realize many of the lessons I had to learn the hard way could have been avoided if my mother and I had conversations about the shows on television rather than her attempting to “protect” me from the things that were occurring in the world. If teens are exposed to it, you must discuss it.

Teach them about sisterhood. Far too many women today are teaching our teenage daughters that other women are not to be trusted, that women will try to take your man, that women are petty and full of drama. Adult women are sharing these thoughts as though they are not women themselves. Avoid filling your teen with venom to harm other women. Teach them positive qualities to seek in friends, show them what true friendship and sisterhood looks like. Sisterhood is taught within the home and bleeds into the community.

Allow their friends to come over. Provided you have a safe, uplifting, loving atmosphere at your home, allow teens to gather at your house. At least once a month have a girl’s night in and have fun! Share moments and memories from your life when you were their age, what would you do differently? What do you miss about being a teen? Many times parents crave to look perfect in the eyes of their teen, it’s as though we becomes parents and reach perfection at the same time. Build a relationship with your teen and her friends as a mentor, someone they can speak to about anything rather than a friend.

Teach them about feminine care. Caring for one’s self is a learned behavior. We are taught how to dispose of our feminine care products in private and public bathrooms, we are taught to look behind ourselves before we exist the bathroom to ensure the seat and floors are clean. We are taught the importance of eating fresh fruits, veggies and drinking plenty of water to keep our hygiene in order from the inside out.

Teach them that beauty comes from within. Teens are very concerned with their appearance! We live in a capitalist society that teaches us our worth is based on what we possess, as parents, we must teach our teens that they are valuable. Their presence is valuable! Start teens on a life path of self-improvement where they constantly seek to improve their relationship with self, God, family and their community. Teach them that their beauty shines through their actions. Our looks won’t keep us relevant long, our actions do.

Teach them ALL about boys. I know this can be an uncomfortable topic for parents as we want to keep our teens innocent as long as we can and thankfully with honest communication, we can! This topic is all about meeting your teen where they are, getting an understanding for where they are in the process of life and giving valuable information on a level they can understand. Share some of the things boys used to say when you were their age. My girls and I often laugh at home the things boys said in the 90s is similar to the things they’re saying now. Perhaps it’s true that nothing new happens under the sun. I can’t stress enough, teens can avoid so much in life by us as parents and mentors, sharing our stories without preaching, without judgment and without shame. 

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