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Love Your Skin and It Will Love You Back.

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( We all desire great skin. Skin that is smooth, clear and maintains a proper moisture balance.  It is a wonderful dream, however many of us know that obtaining such is work. Our skin is effected by everything we so, and consume.  The elements is one factor we can’t control.  During summer and spring we don’t want to over expose our skin to the sun without the proper sunscreens and non-heavy moisturizers.  Yet, in the fall and winter we are fighting to make sure our skin is not dry from the cold.  Heaven help those of us that life in places that snow and produce harsh winters…it can make our face scream.  With this in mind we can alter our cleansing and moisturizing regimen to accommodate the climate we are currently dealing with on a daily basis.

The elements can be an obstacle, but not as much as what we consume.  A hydrated body produces hydrated skin.  This is a very simple concept…we must drink enough water.  I grew up being told to drink eight 8oz glasses of water, however I have come to realize consuming half of my body weight in ounces has been more successful in staying hydrated.  Too much alternate drinks and not enough water is an enemy of great skin.  Not to mention soda is kryptonite…many of us get away with a few here and there, but consumed on a consistent basis would be terrible for our skin.

We must also consider healthy eating practices.  Of course too much fatty and fried food can have a terrible effect on our skin; we should opt for more fresh foods and lean meats if that is our protein choice.  Healthy eating habits is a blessing to our health and we wear that blessing in our skin. Furthermore, keeping down unnecessary stress can help us avoid breakouts on our skin that are directly stress and strain related.  How we manage what is going on inside of us directly affects the function of our body…our skin is no exception to this concept.

Finding the right skin care products to work for you can be a battle for many.  Regardless of what we use it is wise to consider if you have oily, normal, or dry skin…sometimes we have a combination of such.  It is also helpful to have a morning and evening regimen…the products for these may not be the same. I for one have a combination of dry and oily skin.  I tend to exfoliate more than I would suggest for others because my skin requires such.  I have found that being pretty even toned causes me to steer clear of certain kinds of makeup therefore, my cleaning regimen is different from a women that wears base or foundation.

It is very important that you tailor your product selection to your skin, and makeup usage, verse getting caught up in the “new product” on the market.  I have found that, as my skin is sensitive, Cetaphil cleanser with Ponds Dry Skin cream at night, with Garnier Skin active Micellar Cleansing Water in the morning gives me a good clean moisture balance while accommodating my time tight busy schedule.  We have to find the product combination that will meet our skin, and life needs.

We all want our skin to look its best.  Yes it requires certain dietary decision, knowing our skin, and picking the products that will best serve us.  You are beautiful, and there is nothing wrong with wanting to have what’s in you radiate to your outward presentation.  Love yourself, and your body…your skin will reward you.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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