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Sometimes We Must Allow Help.

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( Strength is an interesting subject for black women. Our community expects a herculean kind of emotional, and supportive, strength. This has lead to  suppression, depression and anger. I remember my grandmother cautioning me that “I can’t give people what I don’t have”. Many of us understand this in theory, but not in practice.

Life in American is hard for black women, and men. The struggle of the Black man is often noted, and rightfully so, however the support system…Black women are just as taxed. We must get to a place whereby we can accept help verses feeling all must be carried on our back, and stored in our hearts.

Some of us specialize at giving the right advice, saying the right thing and keeping it together at all costs. We must remember we have a right to feel, cry, grieve and at times not have the answer. Being vulnerable doesn’t make us weak…it allows our men and family the chance to support us emotionally.  We all need each other. Sistas we can’t allow our strength to turn into pride and eventually anger.

Take time to meditate, love on yourself, and get rid of negative energy. Allow those that love you to be a blessing to you. Weight is much easier to carry when its shared. Sistas its important not to bare the pain of everyone in your own heart. Allowing others to be there for us can very well save our spirit and our health. Our strength as Black women is absolutely amazing, but it should not become the death of us. Sometimes we must allow help.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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2 Responses to “Sometimes We Must Allow Help.”
  1. Krissy Woods says:

    This part stood out; Take time to meditate, love on yourself, and get rid of negative energy.

    Hope more sisters read over this piece.


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