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Is There “Power” in Prayer?

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( It seems when the topic of prayer comes up, people immediately begin to speak on their religious and/or spiritual doctrine’s. Many people truly believe that prayer is only for those of a particular faith, they fail to realize that the prayers of those who recognize the laws of nature which govern us, are answered as well. These laws of nature govern the light which is visible during the day, the dark of night, the leaves that shed during Fall, the flowers that bloom in the Spring, the flow that moves rivers, the stillness of the lakes, the process of birth and the inevitable death. These laws of nature governs all that happens around us as well as within us. When we show respect towards and give thanks for this natural order, we come to understand our position or role within the process of life.

The “power” that lies in prayer is rooted in your ability to make life choices. Powerlessness is the state from which we appeal to God/Source/Universe in desperation in order to have a “choice” made for us. Often times the selection made leads us further into our despair, frustration and depression simply because we didn’t choose to ask for what we desired either due to a lack of faith in ourselves or a lack of faith in Spirit. When we appeal in a state of helplessness, each experience which follows will be to teach you the importance of accepting your personal power and making your own life choices. You are responsible for every prayer that you pray and the experiences that follow as a result thereof!
Prayer is a powerful experience, one where we have the opportunity to stand fully in our personal power, reflecting the image/likeness of the Creator. During this powerful experience we also have the opportunity to utilize the magnificent gift of “choice” which we have all been granted.
Prayer is the tool which has the power to shift the laws of nature or rather the process of life in the direction we desire to go. Effective prayer occurs when you make a choice and appeal to God/Source/Universe affirming that you take full responsibility for your choices and the lessons (experiences) which will follow. This is the essence of Free Will. Choosing what you desire to learn as a result of your choices rather than helplessly accepting whatever experiences come your way.
Refect on your life in the present moment, how powerful are you presenting yourself in prayer? Are you making choices in your life OR are you settling powerlessly for whatever experience comes your way? Remember only have the ability to direct your life, only you are responsible for your life journey, you may as well make it your own.


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