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On the Path to Consistency: 3 Steps to Perfect Health.

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( I woke up this morning realizing that our body, our soul and our mind deteriorates not solely based upon age but rather from a lack of growth. In whatever area we experience stagnation, we begin to experience death.

When we fail to constantly assist in the evolution of our soul, we begin to deteriorate in faith. Faith in ourselves, our surroundings, our peers, our loved ones and our higher power.

When we fail to elevate our mind, filling ourselves with positive and empowering thoughts, we begin to fall victim to the thought forms of society which renders us to feel powerless and helpless.

When we fail to strengthen our body, we become weak and inflexible. It is through exercise, through pushing ourselves to excellence within our physical selves that we attain the strength to conquer our mental self and develop our soul.

Creating a physical routine (ritual) to challenge our physical body is the first step on the path to developing consistency. The goal in creating a ritual, is to be realistic! For those who do not meditate, 5 minutes is sufficient, anything else is a burden. If you do not exercise, beginning with 5 minutes a day is much more realistic than 30 minutes. Anything can be started, the goal is to create a habit, a way of life. We need no more short term solutions to life-long issues.

· Drink Water 1st Thing Each Morning. Before your grab your coffee/tea, before you eat breakfast and before you walk out the house take time to fill your stomach with a glass of water. I prefer room temperature water first thing in the morning but choose the temperature that works best for you. Not only does water help to release any toxins and waste from your body, water also raises your vibrational frequency which helps you to attract more of what you desire in life while naturally repelling/releasing that which no longer supports or benefits you.

· Meditate 5 Minutes Every Morning & Every Night. This isn’t merely putting together a to-do-list for the day. This isn’t a prayer session where you are accustomed to speaking nonstop never taking the time to listen. When I speak of meditation, I mean sitting silently, limiting distractions and being still. Turn the phone off, the t.v. and all other gadgets you possess. You have to question what’s more important: you or the messages coming from other sources? During this time your quest is to seek within for actions you can take at this moment to improve your overall quality of life. You may seek optimal health, clear thinking, better sleep, pain relief, happiness within, better understanding, etc. Each quest may vary, the key is following through on any guidance you receive. Many times we feel our prayers have went unanswered when in actuality we just haven’t been still or quiet enough to hear the response. Your meditation at night should include reflecting on the day to ensure you worked to the best of your ability to improve your current reality.

· Move Your Body! When we think of exercise we generally see it as an undesirable, boring task we must complete to fulfill our vain desires and while for many health enthusiasts the benefits are solely for vain purposes: you are different. Ensuring your body is challenged each day allows your mental self to recognize your ability to set, meet and exceed any goal that comes to mind. In addition to having stronger bones, better posture, more energy, better sleep & sex, and like it or not, an increased sense of self-worth. The more time and energy you invest into yourself, the more confidence, love, faith and value you see in yourself. “Anything worth having is worth working for”, that includes you, right?

The energies are supporting us in achieving perfect health at this time. It’s not enough to desire it, you must also take the necessary action steps to reap the rewards you desire. If you aren’t making time to improve your quality of life, what are you investing in?

Staff Writer; Dina Tuff

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