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5 Steps To Living In The ‘NOW’‏.

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(ThySistas.com) It’s been a very interesting week for me on my journey of learning to allow the process of life to be “easy“. We speak so much about the tests and trials of life, primarily the level of difficulty surrounding different issues. Life definitely gives us our fair share of learning experiences to prepare for these life tests. I say the tests of life are simply pop quizzes, you know that they are coming yet the ‘when’ is unknown. 

Everything happens for a reason, everyone comes into our lives to teach us something, the key is getting the lesson the first time around so the cycle doesn’t repeat itself. As much as I sit and reflect on my life as a whole, at the end of the session I have to remind myself ‘what is’ is the ONLY thing that was going to be. I am coming to a place within where I’m not constantly looking back or constantly looking forward: staying in the NOW! Which on some levels is the most difficult place to be. I’m tired of chasing the future and too traumatized to live in my past so all I have is this moment.

1) Pay Attention – Apart of passing any test involves knowing and understanding the material at hand. In life we must pay attention to the messages, synchronicitis and lessons of life. Again everything happens for a reason, there is nothing insignificant about life.

2) Listen – Many spend the majority of a conversation figuring out what we’re going to say next. Learning to be in the present moment and open to hearing what others or Spirit is striving to convey to you. At times we miss out on opportunities because we were too busy to stop, listen and process.Mother and daughter standing in a kitchen

3) Follow Directions – Directions/guidance are our assignments and must be completed in order to receive credit for the lesson. You can’t pray, meditate, sleep, cry or try your way through, you must use physical and mental energy to get your work done. Action is a huge part of the path to abundance, healing and Divine purpose.

4) Seek/Allow/Acknowledge Confirmation – When we pay attention, listen and follow directions we will quickly notice how the questions we have are answered by others without our asking. You will walk into conversations where others are speaking on the matter you’ve been curious about. People out of the blue will ask if you have ever considered a particular career or business idea that you’ve been pondering over. When we are moving to the beat of Divine guidance we find ourselves being exactly where we need to be, when we need to be there and without any planning or expectation on our end. It’s not a miracle! It’s alignment.

5) Play – Have fun, enjoy recess. Play keeps us light from laughter, glowing from hope and strong from running freely. Make your life worth living! Leave behind you a legacy that brings others to a place of happiness, joy and love when thinking about you. Be a light that distinguishes worry and fear from the environment around you. I’ve found my best times and experiences came when I found my happy place and invited others in.

Staff Writer; Dina Tuff

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