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Spring Cleaning For The Inner Self.

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( Love and Prosperity! Welcome to Moonday’s edition of Astro Weekly, your one stop spot for this week’s happenings in astrology.

This Week’s Energy is all about Spring Cleaning Within!

We all know it’s impossible to soar with dead weight attached to us yet the majority of us are still holding onto unnecessary emotional, mental, spiritual and physical baggage.

Emotional baggage includes those times our feelings were hurt and we didn’t stand in our power to speak our truths. It also deals with the times we were unable to bring closure to a relationship/friendship. We hold on to the times we were betrayed, isolated, abused and ridiculed usually vowing not to allow such to happen to us again.

We allow ourselves to drown in our mental baggage replaying every unpleasant learning experience we’ve faced in life. We constantly remind ourselves of when our business failed, when we lost our job, SpringCleaning-2015our house as well as our unpreparedness to begin anew today. Day in and day out we fill ourselves with thoughts that protect us from repeating past failures all while ensuring no positive experiences can come about in its place.

We fall in love with our spiritual baggage. We recite scriptures, prayers and affirmations without knowledge of what they mean often drawing a unique misery into our lives. We find spiritual insight that allows us to “rest” in our procrastination, wisdom that we misuse to mean we shouldn’t try to accomplish our goals or that we shouldn’t strive for material comforts. We even go as far as finding reasons why we shouldn’t be happy, we create an illusion that allows us to sacrifice ease and pleasure in this worldly realm in hopes of being happy in the next lifetime.

Our physical baggage we’ve learned to wear as a badge of honor. We allow the baggage we carry on an emotional, spiritual and mental level manifest into something that “limits” us on the physical level. Many of us create excuses that manifest into dis-ease that will not allow us to experience the things we truly desire in life.

This week is all about releasing the unnecessary baggage from your life. It’s time for some Spring Cleaning on all levels of self. Challenge yourself to a detox this week!

·         Add living foods (fruits, veggies, nuts, etc.) to your diet

·         Increase your water intake

·         Limit all emotionally draining music and conversation

·         Replace one t.v show each day with outside play or meditation

·         Practice smiling at each person you make eye contact with

·         Write down all negative or fearful thoughts you have throughout the day

·         Write down anything that you are worried about

·         Write down your wants & desires as they come up

·         Create a vision/dream board for 2015

Spring Cleaning within isn’t the easiest task for most. Many times we enjoy the attention and compassion that comes from others who listen as we complain about all the things we can’t change while forgetting to take power over that which we do control. It takes a special courage to invest not only time into one’s self but also “attention”. That means being attentive to your own moods, needs, thoughts, feelings and presence. Our outer reality reflects that which we feel within. When you are ready to change the world, you will quickly begin to change yourself.

Happy Spring Cleansing and Manifesting!

Staff Writer; Dina Tuff

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