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Proactively Choosing What You Desire In Life!

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( Love and Prosperity! Welcome to Moonday’s edition of Astro Weekly, your one stop spot for this week’s happening’s in astrology.

This Week’s Energy is all about Proactively Choosing What You Desire To Do In Life!

So often we forget that we are the co-Creators in our life affairs. We forget that we ALL come here with a purpose, a soul mission that we are to fulfill during our stay here on planet earth. At times we fall into admiring others who are on purpose, excited about life and living abundantly. Envy sets in with some and a sense of worship or hatred settles into the hearts of others.

This week we’re being challenged to “Proactively” choose what we desire to do in our lives. This means that we are focusing our energy solely on what we want, rather than constantly speaking and thinking about what we don’t want. For many it’s easier to sit down with a sheet of paper, draw a line down the middle and on the left side write out all the things you don’t want to occur, those things that you feel will throw you off course. Once that is complete, shift to 2015-desire-fulfilledthe right side of the paper and write the opposite of what you don’t want. You now have a list of things/experiences/people that you are willing to allow into your life. Fold the piece of paper in half (or cut it) so that only the things you desire are facing you. Be sure to keep your desire list nearby to make it easier for you to focus your mind and heart center on that which is positive and possible in your life.

Also be aware of those negative feelings that creep up this week! These feelings give us the opportunity to shift the outcome of a situation so rather than “reactively” allowing something to take place in your life so that you can say ‘I already knew that was going to happen’…. Shift The Outcome! If you knew something negative was going to happen before it did, that means that you were forewarned yet was too lazy or was feeling too powerless to take the role as the co-creator in YOUR life seriously. Remember we ALL have a purpose, we ALL have a destiny to fulfill. Few are going to foresake their purpose to help you fulfill your’s!

You are your own personal motivator! You are your own responsibility! You alone have been sent here with a mission, let’s choose how we’re going to fulfill our purpose and move forward with life.

Happy Manifesting!!!!!!!!!!!

Staff Writer; Dina Tuff

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