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Black Women; The Boomerang Effect.

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( For the past four years, I have been promoting accountability among Black Women and I have been showcasing our destructive behavior as a means to identify certain issues such  as a lack of self-love, self-respect, promiscuity, self-entitlement, narcissism, a victim mentality and our refusal to take responsibility for our actions. As expected, I have been met with resistance by some Black Women because facing ourselves in the mirror isn’t an easy task. Though my message is for Black Women, it has been embraced by Black Men and I understand why. It is refreshing for Black Men to see accountability promoted among Black Women because for years they have been the default blame guy.

Many women have  attempted  to say that my platform is a place where Black Men can bash Black Women.  It’s not as if my platform has served as an “epiphany” for Black Men, where they are like Nojma Muhammad has shown me the truth, the way and the light about Black Women! When WE have been showcasing all the destructive behavior I speak about for years, and Black Men can and will attest to their OWN experiences with Black Women.

They’ve dealt with being raised by Bitter Mamas to battling Bitter Mamas. They’ve dealt with being manipulated by Black Women, mistreated by Black Women, used by Black Women, being destroyed by Black Women and being HATED by Black Women.karma

Isn’t it funny that when we are done wrong by our man we say things like “He’s gonna get his“…”He can’t run from Karma“…and “God don’t like ugly“…Black Women. ..did we think we were exempt from any of the above? Movies like “The Color Purple”, “Something New”, “Waiting To Exhale” and “For Colored Girls Only” have portrayed Black Men as MONSTERS, and Black Women were at the movies every time, front and center actively participating in how our Men are perceived and how they have been presented to the world.

Did we think years of calculated treason would go unpunished? Did we think years of turning our daughters out and miss educating our boys would continue without justice being served? Did we think that years of telling Black Men they aren’t needed wouldn’t cause them to look elsewhere? Did we think that years of killing our babies via abortions wouldn’t find its way back to us?

Did we think years of handcuffing black men to child support orders would quietly slip away? Did we think years of broadcasting the flaws of Black Men and running from any responsibility and accountability would continue without any consequences? Turnabout is fair play is it not?

Do you understand the process of erosion? When something erodes it has been destroyed by slow consumption or harsh conditions.

For forty years we have been harsh with our mouths.

For forty years we have been harsh with our actions.

For forty years we have been harsh with our venom.

For forty years we have contributed to the decaying of the Black Family.

We put everything out there swiftly; without any regard and that boomerang found its way back to us and hit us right in the gut and knocked the wind out of us. If Black Men aren’t checking for us and are rightfully at a breaking point we shouldn’t ask them “why“…but ask ourselves “what have WE done?”  There is a war against the Black Family, and at this time, too many Black Women are behind enemy lines.  We have to fight WITH the Black Man, instead of fighting AGAINST him.

We have to be honest with ourselves and accept the fact that Karma has paid us a visit and decided to get comfortable and stay  for awhile. Oops upside your (our) heads.

Staff Writer; Nojma Muhammad
To learn more about this talented sister, feel free to visit; Nojma Reflects.


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