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Children Alter Your Life.

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Despite the challenges of motherhood you wouldn’t trade your kids for anything. As you reach them you learn from them. They become one of your greatest inspirations and sources of unconditional love. That’s a feeling nothing can prepare you for…it’s simply amazing.

Think Before Embarking on Motherhood.

Remember when we become parents its out job to train up our children, pour goodness into them, and invest in them. That’s a career.

Too Grown, Too Young.

Tweet ( It is a beautiful thing when mothers dote on their daughters, and spend time helping them develop their femininity. Learning how to enjoy a nice pedicure and manicure as a young age helps to set the standard for self-care for young girls. The concerning trend is that mothers are trying to make besties of […]

Motherhood: Decisions, Decisions.

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Tweet ( Being a mother is an honorable title. A woman gets the chance to parent a child and help them grow up in the best way that she sees fit. The path to get to motherhood isn’t so cut and dry. Some women plan their pregnancies, while others are taken by surprise by the notification […]

Being A Mom is Work.

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Tweet ( Being a mother is one of most rewarding journeys many of us embark upon. There is joy, beauty, love and adventure. If only if were just those things. Being a mother is a lifetime career, and on some days it’s just plain hard work. We learn and grow as our children grow. Though there […]

When Mothering Goes Wrong.

Tweet ( You are a mom, and have a few kids under your belt. You are the Queen of multi-tasking, and are able to function off of limited sleep. Commands, advice and suggestions are given throughout the day without a second thought. Knowing what is needed, and when, is an art you’ve mastered. When you enter […]

Our Children Require Vigilance.

Tweet ( Some of us remember a time where we knew our neighbors. Elders were posted on the porch and they kept watch. Someone was always watching, and kids were never unattended. Yes, this sounds more like community…one we do desperately need back. Sometimes our community knew which officers they could trust or not. Some of […]

It’s Damaging to Love Your Son as Your Man.

Tweet ( As mothers it’s only natural to love, and be protective of, your children. Just as there is a special bond between fathers and daughters…the same can be said for sons and mothers. When the bond with our sons is healthy we are a blessing, and immeasurable amount of wisdom, to their life. However, […]

Self-Sufficiency: 4 Tips to Raising Stand-Up Adults from Birth.

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Tweet ( While parenthood is a lifelong journey, childhood is for a limited time only. As a mother of a soon to be 13 year old daughter, I’ll be the first to admit that the gift of parenting is a blessing and trial in itself. We hold the lives of innocent children in our hands. […]

Part 2: What Women Want…

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Tweet ( So, it has come to this?  In the state of North Dakota,  lawmakers have completed an action to outlaw almost all abortions and voted to define life as beginning at conception.  USA today have reported that, “The Republican-dominated House also approved a so-called personhood amendment that asks voters to change the state’s constitution to recognize […]

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