Friday, May 24, 2019

5 Things You Can Use Daily for Inspiration.

Finding online or offline inspiration in those much needed moments in your life is easily accessible and cost from FREE to under $20.  Invest in your inner self and use these things for a dose of daily inspiration.

4 Fantastic Ways To Kick The Competition To The Curb.

Tweet ( There are millions of potential customers for any business. With the right marketing, the right strategy and the key steps taken, you can see fantastic success on the market with your business. There’s just one problem. While there are millions of potential customers there are also hundreds of thousands of businesses constantly competing […]

Putting Your Startup On The Fast Track To Success.

Tweet ( You want your business to be a success; every single entrepreneur out there does. You want to make a profit and break the boundaries of the market you’re in. You want to have a team of perfectly curated people who always know what they’re doing. You want to have customer milling in and […]

Cardi B I Tried to Root for You.

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She might want to invest in a publicist she trusts and learn discretion in her speech. Furthermore, being a woman keeping it real doesn’t justify horrid behavior. It doesn’t justify drugging and raping a human being. Just as a woman is not an object for prey…neither is a man…no one should be treated that way. As of now, I can’t be a Cardi B fan. She has to come into herself more for my taste. Just as I was not able to look past the behavior of certain male artist, I will not be a hypocrite and look past her actions. I wish her the best, and plenty of elevation…I just can’t support a human being drugging and harming people. I’ve survived too many kinds of violation.

How to Gain the Trust Of Your Customers.

Tweet ( The success of your business rests on many things. The strength of your ideas, the quality of the execution of those ideas, your staff, the market; they’re all important. However, there’s another aspect, one that’s arguably just as big as any other aspect, yet which isn’t always given the respect it deserves: the […]

Navigating The Rocky Business Landscape Is All About Foresight.

Tweet ( No matter the industry, the business landscape is always evolving. Any entrepreneur that wants their business to do well needs to be a forward-thinker. You need to be able to predict the turning of the tide before it comes; that way, you can get ahead of the competition. Additionally, you need to give yourself […]

You Are Beautifully Imperfect.

You are beautiful regardless if no one ever says it to you and it is their loss to not have taken the time to get to know a great person who is beautifully and imperfectly, you!

Turn Your Business Into A Data-Generating Machine.

Tweet ( Recently there was a story in the news about the fundamental nature of our reality. Physicists are now coming to the belief that the universe isn’t fundamentally “stuff” like atoms and particles, but information – or something intangible. But while the world of physics is being turned on its head, so is the world […]

Push The Button: How Startups Can Become More Automated.

Tweet ( In the 1960s, there was a program on TV called The Jetsons. It was a kind of futuristic, sci-fi romp showcasing the fabulous, futuristic life of a family trapped somewhere in the late 21st century. In the world of the Jetsons, all of a person’s material needs could be accessed with the touch of […]

Easy Ways To Make Extra Money From Home.

Tweet ( If you’ve ever looked around the internet and have seen lots of people saying that they make money from home – whether on the side or even full time, you may be wondering if this is actually for real or if it’s just one of those get rich quick schemes that we all were […]

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