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It’s Time We Had A Serious Conversation About Tech-Enabled Immortality.

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Tweet ( If you could go back to the nineteenth century and spend time in intellectual circles, there’s a good chance that you would have gotten into discussions about the prospect of manned flight. The vast majority of intellectuals at the time accepted that obvious truth that humans would never fly, and that is was […]

Far From The Couch: Finding The Right People To Remote Work For You.

Tweet ( One of the biggest tasks any of us have in finding the right candidate is making sure they are a good fit in a cultural sense. When we have candidates applying for a role that involves remote work, or is completely revolved around being located remotely, we need to ensure that the right […]

US Visa Applications Now Requires Your Social Media Information.

Trump executive order claims to protect our country from foreign terrorists with this new question added to the US visa application.   Whether we agree or disagree on this, it makes me wonder what’s next, background checks on how often a person travels, maybe?  Who knows but I do think that checking a person’s social media to decide if they can enter the United States of America is a bit unethical.

Keep Going!

Maybe you’ve tried a new adventure or tried to create something and it failed or was a total flop, keep going!  Figure out the lessons to be learned and get back to creating.  Thomas Edison failed 1,000 times before the success of his invention of the lightbulb.  When asked in an interview about his 1,000 failures, Edison stated, “I didn’t fail 1,000 times.  The light bulb was an invention with 1,000 steps.”  That’s exactly the approach or mindset that you need when you face obstacles or failures in life, keep going!

How to Make your Business look Way More Professional.

Tweet ( Making your business look more professional doesn’t need to be difficult. In fact, sometimes a few simple changes are all you need in order to take things to that next level. Phone Number It’s so important that you have a dedicated business phone number. When you do have one, it will give you […]

3 Ways You Can Promote Your Business On A Budget.

Tweet ( To get your business successful and achieving the goals you set promotion is an essential requirement. Although at times it can be tedious and it can feel like that’s all you ever do it’s definitely something that every business needs to do. Yes, at times advertising for your business can be a cost […]

How To Get Exposure For Your Small Business.

Tweet ( When you put so much of your time, effort and money into creating an amazing new product or service and finally get the chance you’ve been waiting for to swing open the doors to your very own business, it’s terribly disappointing to find that you aren’t receiving a high number of customers and […]

How To Avoid ‘Those’ Business Mistakes.

Tweet ( We all know what ‘those’ business mistakes are. You might not understand what we’re referring to right now, but we’re going to hold you in mystery a little longer. First, we wish for you to feel said feeling, for illustrative effect. Let’s take a similar, hypothetical scenario. You’re at a wedding, perhaps for […]

Call Center Solutions – What To Look For.

Tweet ( Call center solutions take on an extremely vital role at all companies. Customer service is of paramount importance, especially in the digital age. One negative tweet or Facebook post from a customer could cause significant damage. A call center is no longer a luxury it is a necessity. No customer enjoys waiting on […]

How to Get Your Clients to Trust You Online.

Tweet ( If you are providing professional services to your clients, chances are that you will need to gain their trust before they would open their wallet. This requires a lot of effort, and it is harder to do it online than face-to-face. If you are trying to promote an offline business offline, you will […]

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