Wednesday, September 23, 2020

3 Sure Fire Ways To Look Good In The Gym.

Tweet ( When you can head to the gym once again, you want to look good. Sure, you go for the range of equipment on offer and for the chance to work out specific sets of muscle groups, but you also want to turn heads for all the right reasons. When you are sweating it […]

Finally, Black Women. Some Harmony!

The rest of us work,  wrap our hair every night, and send texts of affirmation to our friends before going to sleep.  We love each other despite our faults. On May 9, 2020, Erykah Badu and Jill Scott made an incredible statement.  They taught the world that black women are not just our anger. We are our voices. We are our beauty. We are our children.  We are each other.  Society, social media, and entertainment will brainwash you into believing we are better separated.  No, we are not.  We can be ourselves, and we can do it with each other.  So, right on Jilly from Philly & Ms. Badu. Right on.

Read More. Binge Less.

This digital age of Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and other streaming options is amazing.  It is a joy not having to wait for your favorite show to come on at a certain time.  It is easy to find your favorite movie. It is awesome to be able to sit on a couch all day and get through seasons of your favorite TV series without having to deal with commercials and ending credits.  The same experience can happen by simply opening a book or a magazine.  Choose today to stir your imagination and harmony by simply reading more and binging less.

Music Keep Us Sane.

Work has been easier at home when there is music to glide people from hour to hour of sitting stationary to stay safe. “I listen to music all the time. It was my therapy to get through the work day.” Insurance Adjuster Ebonee Coutee explained.  Sometimes, we are not going to work with the best attitude, and music allows us a chance to calm the storm before dealing with others.  Britainee Johnson, a Pharmacy Assistant, and deals with families every day during this pandemic, and music has helped a lot:  Music helps me regardless. I listen to music every day at work. How I am feeling determines the music I play, but it definitely helps me get through the day.”

Lonely or Alone?

One of these attributes is not better than the other, but knowing which one you prefer will definitely help you with developing friendships and knowing yourself.  Also, these attributes are not negative either.  It does not matter if you enjoy being by yourself or being with people.  As long as you are loving the person you are becoming, that is all that matters.

Come Back to the Core.

If you are wondering why you do not have these, it is not your fault.  Recent generations have not had very clear core values established for various reasons.  It has been kind of difficult to lay out values when you are constantly being judged or criticized for what you believe.  That does not mean you can not start today with coming back to your middle. Come back to your core values.

The Bubble: Harming or Helping.

I do, however, applaud Lizzie for knowing herself and her truth.  In the aforementioned interview, she admits that her personality has stayed consistent. She does not care where she is.  She is going to be who she is unapologetically.  Is the bubble she is in good or bad?  The answer to that question is very subjective. However, knowing how the bubble can help or harm you will assist in cultivating you into the person you want to be.

Help Your Children To Find Their Thing.

Tweet ( How we raise our children, changes throughout the generations. Back in the day, after school and during high days and holidays, youngsters were not cooped up in their rooms on Social Media. They were out playing in the yard and local streets. They were expected home when it got dark, or when they […]

Prince Harry Was Right to Choose His Family.

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This was not a choice without consequences, and it’s understandable that there is more than likely some hurt involved. When we choose to start a family that unit has to become a priority. Maybe one day there can be reconciliation in the family, but they will know Prince Harry is serious about the peace of his household. When if the royal family doesn’t like it…this is a move they must respect.

Meghan McCain Reminds Me of the Privilege of White Women.

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We have to deal with Meghan McCain on our TV because she’s an entitled white girl that is standing on her dad’s legacy and some sort of validation of her voice not realizing she needs a voice of her own. Until she figures out how to have an adult conversation without throwing her privilege, I think she should refrain from speaking…though we know that’s not happening. The thing is Meghan McCain is the kind of political voice that reminds me a white woman is not my ally, and in many instances we could never explain to her why she’s a part of the political problem.

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