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Own Your Narrative.

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Tweet ( Every woman has a story. Many have faced similar hardships, and challenges that are vastly different. There are always stories of success, and those of failure. However, your life is your own narrative. It is very difficult to come into one’s self in a society that insists on telling each of us how to […]

“Claws”, I Don’t Buy It.

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Tweet ( I understand entertainment, and in that mindset, everything cannot be serious. However, we must keep in mind that film, music, literature and art are all mediums that also depict life, and a certain kind of “truth”. It has already been proven that what we see, and listen to, has an effect on how we […]

Becoming A Carer – Tips For First Timers.

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Tweet ( You never know when you might become a carer. For example, your partner or child might end up in an accident, and you might be required to take some time off from work to help them recover fully. Or you might have to quit work and become a full-time carer to help one of […]

Business Software Blunders To Avoid.

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Tweet ( Almost every company has ditched paper records for software whether it be for accounting or mailing. Going digital can greatly boost your business, but there are dangers to using software that every business should be aware of. Here are some of the big mistakes that many companies are making. Paying a lot for software […]

5 Essentials Everyone Forgets When They Start A Home Based Business.

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Tweet ( When you first get that spark of a great idea, it’s easy to run with it. You feel energized, excited and motivated to push forward. Sure, it takes a lot of hours to develop the idea and turn it into a business plan. Then, it takes a lot of hours to set up and […]

Marriage: Why Space Is So Important.

Tweet ( Having your own space – in any relationship – is what everyone needs. Being under each other’s feet every single day for the rest of your life is too much, regardless of how much you love them – it can get suffocating sometimes. It’s so important to have an away day where you go […]

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