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Marriage: Why Space Is So Important.

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(ThySistas.comHaving your own space – in any relationship – is what everyone needs. Being under each other’s feet every single day for the rest of your life is too much, regardless of how much you love them – it can get suffocating sometimes. It’s so important to have an away day where you go out with your friends, and he goes out with his pals. That’s called having a social life, and everyone needs one. – Yes, even when you’re settled down and married!

If you don’t believe me, here’s why.

Absence really does make the heart grow fonder

Sure, it’s super cliche, but it’s true! Getting some time away from your other half is the best way to realise how much you love them, because you’ll miss them, and missing them means you want to be with them. Plus, just think how much more exciting it will be when you see them again. Even little things like instead of going straight home after work, take a little detour and pop in to see an old friend. By the end of the day, you’ll pine for your other half, wanting to hear all about their day and vice versa.

Helps to realise what you maybe already knew

You may end up realising that maybe you’re happier in your ‘you time’ than you are when you’re together. This is never a nice feeling, but it happens, and you need to do what’s right for you. The D word is known for being an awful battle between your other half, but it really doesn’t ever have to be like that. With the help of professionals like Judith Goldberg, you can both agree on a smooth transition out of married life and into a new chapter.

It helps you stay true to yourself

Being in a relationship is great, but sometimes it can be very easy to lose yourself in them. For example, maybe you love art, and you used to paint a picture every day, but now you’re settled down, you don’t make time for that little piece of tranquillity anymore because you’re watching tv with your boo instead. It’s an awful shame to stop doing something you love, or stop acting a certain way because you’re married. You may not have even realised until you take a bit of time apart, and you wonder how long ago it was since you last painted.

It’s a good way to forget how annoying they can be

There’s no shame in admitting how annoying your partner can get. But remember, you are too. We’re humans; we’re going to bug the hell out of one another sooner or later! This is where alone time helps. You can forget about all the silly things your partner says. Or the way they snore like a goblin. Or when they laugh at their own jokes. Or how they always get crumbs down the side of the sofa. Or how they never take out the trash. Or how they finish the toothpaste but leave the empty tube out anyway. Or when they only make half of the dinner so you have to finish it – even though it’s their turn. Or when-

Staff Writer; Paula Wall

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