Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Beach Body, Summer Ready.

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(ThySistas.comJust because we’re steadily making our way into summer doesn’t mean that we don’t still have time to give ourselves the body that we desire to enjoy this season. Most of us will be heading down to the beach this summer, or at least sitting by a pool at some point. If we are not confident in our own skin, it’s hard to fully enjoy participating in the events that are happening around us. With that said, it’s not necessarily our physical body that we need to change; more so how we view our own body and what we can do to learn to love ourselves.

Surround Yourself With Great Friends

A lot of the time, our insecurities lie in what we think that others perceive of us and what we have to offer. Whether this is physically or through a personality quality, it’s not nice to think that we are under scrutiny and judgement in any situation – but especially not when we are trying to relax in the warm weather. If you have a good circle of friends, they won’t be laughing at you or judging you for what you are or aren’t wearing. They’ll love and accept you for who you are regardless of how you look. Look for the ones who only exchange positive compliments, and don’t start talking about somebody’s appearance when they’re not there – at least, not in a horrible way. Definitely keep beside you the ones who build up their friends when they’re not around, and then only enforce what they have said when they’re back in their presence. These are the the pals that you need.

Make A Change

If you know that you won’t feel happy until some sort of change is made to your body, then don’t sit and moan about it. Instead, get up and do something about it! It’s easy to make a change to your body when you put your mind to it, especially if it is regarding your own personal fitness. It could take as little as three weeks if you find the right plan and this 21 day fix review explains it all if you are wanting to find out more.

Make sure that you are taking part in a plan that you feel comfortable with and that you know you will be able to stick to; it’s not a nice feeling when you get half way through something that you know you really want but quit at the last leg. A lot of the time, our sluggishness which reflect on how we are feeling on a day to day basis is down to a lack of routine in our lives. It could be a sloppy diet that we have adopted, not drinking enough water throughout the day or even just sleeping in way past our alarm. Writing down a routine and sticking to it for a couple of weeks could see a change in your mood and how you view yourself; a lot of the hate that we give our bodies is down to us not feeling great about how we have started the day.

Deck Out Your Wardrobe

Our clothes say a lot about us. They can tell people how you are feeling, what sort of vibe you’re in and it can give a little glimpse into your personality. What you wear on the outside of your body is a direct  reflection of what is going on on in the inside. The more effort that you put into your outward appearance, the more that this will be appreciated – not just by those who surround you, but yourself too. Building on even just a little fleck of confidence can be enough to give you a sense of bravado, and a lot of this is down to the clothing that you are wearing.

This summer, instead of wearing the same clothes that you have adorned for years before, think about spicing up your wardrobe a bit. Take a look online for the fashions that are popular currently and see which one takes your fancy. It’s okay to go out and have a splurge on clothes every once in awhile, especially if they make you feel good about yourself. The more good feelings that you can get from garments which bring out your happiness, the more that you will be comfortable in the summer. A good bikini or swimsuit can do a lot for your beach body; shapewear helps those who may be feeling a bit sensitive about certain parts of their body such as their stomach or waist,

Involve Yourself In Body Positivity

The body positivity movement is stronger than ever, especially on social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. Hashtags such as #effyourbeautystandards and #mybodymybff are trending currently, encouraging people of all ages and sizes to pledge to love themselves no matter how they look. The great thing about putting this hashtag onto your photos or tweets is that those who are likeminded and in the same boat as you will be more likely to connect with you and support you with positivity. Even just following the accounts of people with the same figure as you can be a great way to really push yourself forward to love yourself and get yourself geared up to a beach body.

It’s all about normalisation; the more that you think that you are normal and will be accepted, the more likely you are to really push the boundaries of society and do whatever makes you happy. You don’t have to think about anybody else’s happiness. If your body is offending another person, that is their problem, not yours. But when you think about it logically, why would you even care about the opinions of another person in regards to yourself? Those who are making snap judgements on appearance are doing so because they don’t know the person within – that goes for the one that they are passing comment on and knowing themselves. Spread the positivity and it will come back to you.

Staff Writer; Latasha Jones

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