Saturday, June 12, 2021

Preserving Our Family History.

Another suggestion that I found that will be helpful for us to preserve our family history, is to create more videos of the elders, etc.

It’s Ok, Celebrate Yourself!

Even if you have to celebrate you waking up an extra hour early every morning to work on your future or current business.

I Am No Longer “That Old Lady Still at the Clubs”.

I was that woman still trying to hang out late in the clubs, looking at all of the younger women turning up, etc…

Women, Get Your Credit in Order!

The older I get, I look at my credit score obsessively when I get those email alerts that my credit score has changed.

How to Manage Monetary Equality with Your Partner.

If managing your money is a struggle for you, be open about it and find the resources out there that will help you, get back on track.

Five Non-Sexual Ways to be Intimate with Your Partner.

There are tons of non-sexual ways that you can be more intimate with your partner other than sex.

Importance of Stock Market Forecasting Techniques to Investors.

Investors in the stock market for long know of the ups and downs concerning the buying and selling of stocks.

Creative Ways You Can Spice Up Your Relationship.

Ditch the quick kisses, create a fantasy jar, and immerse yourself into hair-raising escape games. Here are seven creative ways to spice up your relationship.

Sistas, Should You Text Your Ex?

Communicating with your ex-partner via text is disrespectful to yourself and your current partner.

Swallow That Nasty Truth. Now.

Adulthood does not come with tasty medicine. 

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