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Changing How We View Wash Day.

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(ThySistas.com) I love my hair. It is apart of what makes me who I am. It is break comb thick, long, and has its own unique color that I simply adore. My hair has been relaxed, and I transitioned to it being natural in 2016. Going natural made me realize that I loved the outcome of my hair but I never liked the process. Living with a hair stylist that specialized in hair care and growth has it’s advantages…I know how to take care of my hair. Growing up, the disadvantage was not being able to just do what I wanted to my hair…my head belonged to my mother.

Many of us can relate. I can admit that my hair was easier to manage to a degree when it was relaxed, and of course it took less time to style. Going natural turned all of that upside down. Not only did it take a significant amount of time to do my hair, but I found myself battling with the very nature of my hair. I learned to dread wash day. Yes, it had to be done, but it was done with an attitude. The energy was just bad…then I noticed I was having trouble getting past a certain length. Thing is, hair is a sensitive thing in our culture; I am not speaking of how it’s viewed in public…I’m talking about energy affecting the hair itself.

Black Woman - Washing Hair.

This is not a far-fetched idea. You’re not going to be very gently with something you dread or see in a negative light. You just want to do what you can to get through the process and look nice when you have to make moves. For some of us, we simply will not abide a dirty head so the energy is terrible…but our head is clean. If another person reflected our feeling towards our beloved hair to us it would be a serious problem. If another can’t abuse the crown, why should you. This was my riddle to figure out.

Self-evaluation is always a blessing because it leads to right thinking which can lead to healing and progress. I realized a crown is something to be loved, adored, handled with care, and respected. It is a symbol of power. Sistahs this is what our hair is…a symbol of a more internal power. I began to meditate on this revelation, only to decide how I view and engage hair day needed to be different. I needed to schedule a time to tend to my hair so that I wouldn’t be tired or irritable.

Wash day could be a time of self-care, and a time where we’re speaking positiveness to self. We are encouraging self and uplifting self. Meditation can be incorporated in wash day if we choose, or our favorite music could be added so that wash day is a party with self. There are many different ways that the dread can become a time that is looked forward to and enjoyed. I got past the growth block. My crown now has a name, and we’re in great space of growth…and power. Changing how this time is seen can lead to self-care in other areas of your life.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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