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The Vaccination Divide.

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( I admit I got Covid-19 vaccination the moment the vaccine became available.  I felt that I didn’t have much of a choice due to my health. I had already survived a very close encounter with the virus, and I was not willing to tempt fate. I knew the vaccine was not a guaranteed fix, no more than the flu shot. However, due to the fragile state of my immune system every defense helps. Reservations about the vaccines were understandable, especially when talking to black people that have a strained relationship with the integrity of healthcare in this country. I also realized this wasn’t the same situation though caution could be warranted.

I had a terrible feeling that vaccination would become the new great divide that would give this country another reason to fight with itself. Shot or no shot would become grounds for internal war on many fronts…including school, work, and even family relationships. Literally families are on the divide. Conversations are no longer being lead with general concern for well-being and what’s going on with like. Many family conversations are not started by, and dominated by, the question of: are you vaccinated yet. If the answer is not favorable that conversation can go left instantly.


In part what we are seeing could explode to the same level of polarization as asking someone who they voted for. The primary issue is no one is willing to truly hear what the opposite side has to say. In that vain everyone believes how they feel on the matter equates to fact. Fears are disregarded, and the body count due to Covid-19 is equally disregarded. The fear of dying is real for many whether it is from the virus, or fear or dying from the vaccination. Compassion and rational thinking feel like a thing of the past, and that in itself is a scary reality. I admit I have often wondered if the previous administration is single handedly responsible for manner by which citizens are processing this pandemic and each other.

Vaccinations are not new, differing opinions about such is not new, but many of us and our children get them. Our kids get vaccinations are babies and children that affect their ability to attend school. Even when there are differing positions about it that conversation doesn’t appear to be as volatile as the current. We, especially as a community, must find a way to have this conversation without coming for each others necks. We can’t afford to divide any further as a people that need to continue to seek paths to heal out community.

No vaccine is breakthrough proof. Science and medicine is constantly evolving. What we look for them to do is give us the best chance to fight this monster, and minimalize casualties. Many of us are not medical experts, and the grim reality of Covid-19 is very real to the men and women that man the hospitals and have literally watched people…and children die. They must speak to what they see. Politics has clearly gotten too involved to the point many can’t see past the politics to have a conversation that is meaningful about Covid-19 vaccinations. One must also remember that citizens have the privilege of thinking about the individual position, where as elected officials should be looking at the overall perspective that is the well-being of all citizens as a whole.

What appears to be the greatest divide centers around personal rights verses the welfare of the many. This is again, a tough position to look at with many different perspectives. What we are finding is the care of our neighbors doesn’t outweigh personal positions. I don’t know what the answer is, but we have to find one so that we can work together to heal as a community, and hopefully as a nation. We will have to find a way to come to the table in peace on this matter. Time isn’t on our side regarding this need.

Staff Writer; Chelle’ St James

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