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You are More Than Waiting On Him.

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( Patience in a relationship is a virtue. Understanding can go a long way, especially since every situation won’t be perfect…life tends to just happen. It’s important to give the grace you want to receive. In the same train of thought it is wonderful to have a man in your life that you can prioritize. It’s amazing when you get that wonderful feeling all over when you get his random text message during your day that has you smiling from ear to ear. Its special when you know he’s mad busy, but he finds the time to call you in the midst of the madness just to let you know you’re on his mind.

In the beginning things are wonderful and you are flying high on love. There are times you will cancel or re-arrange plans so that you can do the things you have to do, be present in your village, and make your man a priority. In all of these butterflies it’s very easy to lose track of your value as a woman and individual. There is a such thing as too much patience, too much understanding, too much accommodation, and too much availability. It is important to come back down to earth, and never disconnect from your life.


When you are falling into the bliss of love it can be difficult to realize then you are distancing yourself from your organic movement through life. Granted it is wonderful when you have a man that adds to what you already have going. That teamwork whereby you sharpen each other is the sturdy stuff that healthy relationships are built on. Just be sure you don’t create a false expectation of yourself that isn’t requested nor required. As women when we love we want that man to be happy, but more importantly we want him to know he has a place in our life that is of priority and secured. It’s one thing to skip out on “girls’night out” to support your man at a banquet or be there for him in a time of need. However, if you find yourself leaving your sisters hanging in their time of need in waiting for his call or presence, understand that this isn’t healthy.

You should not place yourself in a situation whereby you are dropping everything all the time to for your man. This issue becomes deeper when this is not his expectation nor desire, but what you feel needs to be done to validate your loyalty to him. That is selling yourself short, and eventually you won’t be able to stand in that existence. This can lead to bitterness when he doesn’t cancel everything for you all the time, or answer all your calls the first time, or even if he’s pursuing goals that he doesn’t put on hold for you. This can make you feel that he isn’t giving you the same level of attention and priority when in fact he has been consistent, but you have changed. You are more than just his woman; you were a woman of purpose before you ever become his woman.gthfn hjh,k.n

Both things can exist in the same space and do so successfully. You are so much more than waiting on him; if he’s wanting to see you be your best person, he doesn’t want you to abandon being you because he’s now in your life. Any person that would dim or diminish you light doesn’t deserve such a light; at the same time you must value the light in self enough not to sabotage self.

Staff Writer; Chelle’ St James

May also connect with this sister via Twitter; ChelleStJames.

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