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Three Things That Successful People Do Before Breakfast.

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( I’m NOT a morning person at all. I used to be as a little girl but the older I get, I embrace sleeping in now more and more. I read this book last year and I must say, if you’re a late riser like me or if you are an early riser like most successful people, you can implement all of these practices into your daily routine. Now, creatives usually work off of a different schedule than the average 9-5ers, so don’t feel bad if you don’t wake up at 5am like Warren Buffet to be deemed successful. The habits of most successful people are derived from their overall interaction with themselves and the world that they live in.

Successful people nurture themselves

Most successful people nurture themselves. This beloved, simply means that they start their days taking necessary time for themselves and they don’t feel selfish for doing it.

Self-care is not just for spa days on the weekends, it’s for every day of your life. You can not possibly be your best self for anyone else, unless you take care of yourself. Pouring into the lives of others from an empty cup will leave you stressed, burnt out and sometimes resenting the people who you really love.

Take some time, as you first arise in the mornings for yourself. Never start your day rushing into work or your family life. Wake up 15-30 minutes earlier and just spend that time with yourself (and God). You can meditate, pray, reflect, journal, just be still, exercise and plan out your day if you haven’t done it the night before. Just make sure you nurture yourself daily.


Successful people nurture their relationships

Now, here’s where the workaholics fall off the wagon at. You can’t work, work, work and not nurture the relationships with your friends and family. You can’t work so much to provide for your family but never spend time with them. Or you can’t engulf yourself into your work life that you forget about spending time with your BFF who can care less about your title or your tax bracket. The people in your life appreciate your hard work but they appreciate your presence more.

Make it a habit to spend quality and uninterrupted time with your friends and family before you start your work day. Don’t make the mistake that we see so much in the movies where the woman works so hard and so much that she really doesn’t have a real connection with anyone in her life. Put the phone away and spend time with your family and friends even if its for 5-10 minutes in the mornings AND throughout the week.

Successful people nurture their career

Don’t get comfortable in your career! Always look for ways to improve your skills in your career. There are tons of free courses and courses that you will have to pay for or that your employer will pay for as a part of your professional development. Successful people like Steve Jobs, always looked forward to learning and developing new skills and creating products to help our lives be more convenient as we use technology daily. What if he and his team of developers got comfortable with society standards of success and stop nurturing their careers once they became wealthy? We probably wouldn’t have the iPad or the features we love on our phones such as AirDrop …… #teamiPhone is the greatest!

Before breakfast, you can also plan out your work day. Having a planner and actually using it, will help you stay on task as you plan your work day. Nurture your career by prioritizing what’s important for the day, week or month and work towards completing those tasks or projects. Don’t put 30 things on your to-do list, knowing that realistically, you can only accomplish about five of those things in one day.

Everyone has their own definition of success but doing these very simple things before you eat breakfast can improve your life holistically. Successful people aren’t stressed daily because they have learned how to navigate through life’s challenges, nurture themselves, their relationships and their careers. If that is something you aspire to do, read articles or biographies about successful people that you look up to and incorporate some of their habits into your daily routine.

Staff Writer; Felicia T. Simpson

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