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Love Yourself: Stop Watching Everyone’s Side A.

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( Mirrors scare me just as much as the next woman but sometimes they are the perfect apparatus to reveal what needs to be seen. The only image that the mirror projects are the image that is placed in front of it. The image that it sees is not always appealing to the viewer especially when it is us. What the mirror shows us can begin a pattern of thoughts that lead us to nitpick every flaw that we have. It is here when loving ourselves seems to be the hardest thing to do at that moment.

Time, age, and stress can create the “perfect storm” for you to feed into negative thoughts. Over time, those negative thoughts can begin to eat away at any self-confidence that you have and tear into your spirit. These are moments when preserving sanity and self are the last thoughts that come to us. Usually, time causes those thoughts when we begin to reflect on our growth or our position in life and be wholly dissatisfied. Age can be a driving force for these thoughts as well because there are certain milestones that we should be concerned with by a certain age. Stress can be a major contributor to these thoughts because we tend to be irrational and operating from survival mode when under duress.

The “perfect storm” can be further exacerbated by the specters of social media and cause us to be even more unkind to ourselves. We swipe and scroll through our timelines on any of the various platforms and see our friends and loved ones being their best selves. We see them achieving goals that they set years ago when we were sitting around cafeteria tables in high school or college. We see them getting married and starting families, starting businesses, buying houses, getting promotions, going on exotic vacations, or simply sharing their weight loss journey. All of these images look glamorous and amazing. They project the illusion that the person has it all together. This causes many of us to take a closer glance at how we have spent our time and energy and where it got us.

When we do this, in a negative light, everything we have accomplished or done is discredited and made to seem insignificant. However, these experiences should make one cling to and love themselves even harder. What it is important to remember is that no one ever shows the B side of their tape. No one ever reveals the tears and pain that it took to crack their chrysalis and become that beautiful butterfly they post on social media.

In those moments, we must remember the trials we experienced and appreciate the journey that made us who we are. From that space of thinking, one could let their self-love overflow and see the good that exists within them. Negative thoughts start to abate when one begins to see the glass as half full. Loving yourself and giving yourself props when rightfully earned can go a long way in keeping your mirror image sparkling to you. It also shines through in other aspects of your life as your attitude adjusts to filling your cup with positivity. Learn to love each scar as there is a story behind it that makes you more interesting, beautiful and vibrant.

Staff Writer; Jessieca Carr

One may connect with this sister online over at Instagramsusiecarmichael1920 and Twitternoladarling1920.

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