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Why Voting is Important.

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( American citizens over the age of 18 are entitled to vote. It is written in The Constitution how the country would vote.

Article One states that members of the Senate and House of Representatives would be elected by popular vote. That differs from the President, who is elected by the Electoral College. This indirect way of voting was seen as the balance between both the direct popular vote and the state’s representatives within Congress to elect a new President.

History shows us that because there was nothing in The Constitution that specifically said who could vote, it was initially white men who owned land that was afforded that opportunity. While things may have moved on over the years, there have been many news articles about voter suppression. Knowing the truth about voter fraud is essential to understand the limitations of the voting system.

It’s important to be informed of history because it wasn’t until 1869 when the 15th Amendment was passed that allowed black men to vote. 

Indeed women were denied the vote for so long; it wasn’t until 1920 that the women’s suffrage movement was able to claim victory with the 19th Amendment that allowed them to vote.

Your vote does matter. 

Looking at some of the elections in U.S. history, it shows how close some of these were. For example, in 2000, it was Al Gore, who narrowly lost to George W. Bush. That election was so close there was a recount ordered.

Indeed, the 2016 election between Trump and Clinton this was again a very close call. Even though Hilary Clinton won the popular vote, losing the Electoral College meant she lost the Presidency. So while your vote may not directly vote for the President, it goes in with others who support the same person.

 Voting also allows you to make your voice heard. It also allows you to make a positive impact and a chance to change things for the better. 

Not just for yourself but for your community. There are so many ways you can get involved to ensure your voice is heard. For example:

Read electoral material. 

  • This way, you will be informed on political issues and understand what candidates want to do for you.
  • Talk to others, find out their views and why they vote as they do, debate with them, read a selection of material to get the variety of views – don’t use one source of information as this can be biased.
  • Volunteer. If you find a candidate you admire, their values match with your own, see if you can help with their campaign.

 It doesn’t matter how you are involved, just being involved, and voting means you have a say. After all, voting in an election is one of the freedoms of life in America. There are many people across the globe that don’t have that freedom or are stopped from voting. Many people fought for everyone to have the right to vote. By voting, you are respecting those who went before and by voting, it ensures your voice is heard.  

Staff Writer; Shelia Shaw

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