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Make Staff Feel Valued In A Post-Covid World.

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(ThySistas.comFor a lot of business owners, delaying reopening to reduce risks is not an option. The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically affected countless small and independent companies, many of which will not be able to face the financial challenges caused by further delays. Unfortunately, just because you have to open your store again doesn’t mean that we live in a post-COVID-19 world. Risks are still a reality for as long as there is no vaccine available. 

As a business owner, you want to ensure you can protect your staff and customers. But, you should also take the time to recognize the commitment and dedication of your employees who are supporting your business through the situation. As you reopen, do not only protect them but make them feel valued too. 

A thank-you gift can go a long way

You may not be in a position to make a grand gesture. For a lot of small businesses, money is short. However, you can plan a little present to make employees feel appreciated. You can find holiday gifts for your staff or thank-you vouchers that are affordable. A simple pie voucher, for instance, can encourage the local economy by helping pie businesses to stay open. At the same time, a sweet snack can help boost the mood of your team. It doesn’t have to break the bank. Consider it a token of your appreciation. While your team understands that now not’s the time for a surprise bonus, they will welcome the gesture. 

Recognize the challenges they’re facing

Does your business need to have employees on-site to function? A lot of office-based companies have been forced to embrace virtual teams and remote work during the pandemic. Many of your employees may not be ready to face commuting challenges and potential virus exposure to head back to the office. But you can support them by giving them the choice to work remotely or on-site. Additionally, you can make things easier for staff by reducing some of their daily challenges. Commuting staff could benefit in flexible working hours to avoid rush hour crowds. Stay at home workers would be grateful for flexible arrangements too so that they can manage homeschooling and work schedules. Flexibility also ensures longer opening hours, so that you can also help your customers throughout the day. 

Send everyone a fresh cuppa

The lockdown has reinforced the need for virtual coffee breaks in companies. The idea of a virtual coffee meetup is to build meaningful connections, get to know each other, and essentially relax. Did you know that for many professionals, work is one of the major socializing networks? Deprived of work-based interactions, a lot of employees found the pandemic to be an isolating experience. Encouraging regular coffee meetups where staff can talk about everything is not just a good idea for mental health; it also boosts the team spirit and creativity in groups. Whether your team is working from home or back at the office, you want to invest in a good coffee, a machine or a delivery service, to get conversations going. 

As a small business, making your staff feel appreciated in a post-lockdown world can be tricky. But even a limited budget can give you plenty of opportunities. From a sweet snack to a social meeting routine, you can bring your staff back at the heart of the business. 

Staff Writer; Sherry Barker

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