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Tips for Parents and Homeschooling.

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( “A teacher’s job is easy.”

Oh how wrong you are. Like parents, teachers are one of the building blocks to any and every career.  While they make it look easy, it takes a lot of practice, long hours of planning, and a true love for what they do.  During this pandemic, many schools have moved to virtual learning as a form of continuing the education process.  However, a teacher cannot be there every second of the day as students work on assignments. As a result, homeschooling is now the job of most parents who have to work from home since their children are home.  Here are some tips to help you navigate through this time.

  1. Trust yourself.

Yes, teachers spend years and money to train adolescents.  While you may not have the training, you have the experience.  You, at one point or time in your life, had someone teach you something.  You knew the process of having to learn words or do math problems.  Think back to those times, and use what you know. One of the biggest secrets to being a teacher is “faking it until you make it”. Teachers do not always know how, but we will find a way. Find a way with your students.

  1. Use what you have and what is free.

Do NOT go to an office supply store and try to buy desks, a whiteboard, or a projector. Use what you have at your house.  There are FREE lessons in your home that could teach your child just like a teacher teaches. Also, there are plenty of FREE sites that offer lessons to help your student in whatever subject is needed. Websites like YouTube, English for Everyone, and Khan Academy offer free lessons for different levels.

  1. Experience is a great teacher.

Education is moving to cultivating environments that simulate real-life experience.  Teachers want their students to, in the words of Miss Frizzle from “Magic School Bus”, “take chances, make mistakes, and get messy!” Just like they had to fall before walking, allow your children to do the same with other things. Let them try to build something on their own. Help them learn how to cook. Make them plan a family budget for bills. These are all life skills that they need in adulthood.  No, they do not involve a school book, but it will help them exercise their brain.

  1. Take breaks.

Schools have recess for a reason. Students eat lunch for a reason.  There is break in between classes for a reason.  The brain needs a chance to reset. Trying to go 8 hours straight with teaching at home is a horrible idea.  Try to work on class assignment or school type learning for no more than 2 hours.  Then, take a break and do an activity that has NOTHING to do with school. After the break, your students can come back to it.  The break time allows their mind and body to decompress like most people do when they take breaks at work.

  1. Find a routine.

Children will not admit this, but they LOVE structure.  They may not believe in doing it, but they love when adults do it for them.  Develop a routine that works for YOUR family. It does not have to look like a school’s schedule.  You know what you can and cannot do.

The current time at home is already stressful enough with having to adjust to spending more time in your living room than in an office.  Your children are experiencing a similar shock; they cannot participate in school dances. They cannot talk with their friends during lunch about an upcoming test or the latest break up.  Education is important, but it is more important to make sure that your family is physically and mentally sane. Take care of home first. Then, take some time to participate in learning opportunities just to make sure they do not forget.  School teaches, but home can do the same.

Staff Writer; J. W. Bella

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