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If You Want A Great Marketing Strategy Try Growing It Organically.

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( Are you finding it tough to match your competition pound for pound (or dollar for dollar) when it comes to ad buys and other kinds of traditional digital marketing? There’s a way that might be more effective and also a little less expensive. Here, we’re going to look at organic marketing, its strengths and a few ways to utilize those strengths.

What is organic marketing?

Organic marketing is best understood juxtaposed to its counter-part, often called interruptive marketing. Whilst interruptive marketing is something like a pop-up or ad that gets in the way of the customer’s journey, trying to redirect them to you, organic marketing is about setting up messaging that’s where they’re already headed, targeting customers who are already likely to be interested in your products and services and nudging them closer to that all-important conversion point.

Make Google your friend

Google (and other search engines to a lesser extent) have found a vital role for themselves in the digital business experience. More and more people use search engines to look up businesses both online and locally. Working with an SEO company, you can make sure that your business is positioned to be in the top-ranking results of relevant Google searches. Not only does it help direct more of those searches towards your services and products, but being amongst those top results also engenders trust in the brand.

Get social with it

Social media is one of the most important organic marketing methods of the day. For one, it’s an easy way to reach thousands of people who might have an interest in the content you publish. It also helps you establish a brand connection with your audience, as well. If your company builds a loyal following on social media, it shows to any interested new parties the positive social proof that it’s worth supporting, since so many support it already.

Have something to say

Content has a role to play in both social media and SEO and might be the back-bone of organic marketing. Having content of value to publish and share to an audience, but it helpful, educational, or otherwise interesting, gets people onto your site. A call-to-action from there can direct them a step closer to becoming a customer. As such, it’s wise for every business to start a blog and to muse it well.

The advantages of organic marketing

With organic marketing, you can really cut the costs of your marketing budget, since most methods take time rather than money. Similarly, it tends to be more cost-effective because you’re spending less to target audiences that are more likely to convert in the first place. While it might not offer the immediate results that interruptive ad campaigns can, it does tend to offer better results in the long-term.

With the above tips, you can use an organic marketing strategy that helps you bypass the competition, better manage your marketing budget and best reach the potential customers that are most relevant to you. If you don’t use any organic marketing methods, now’s the time to try it.

Staff Writer; Lisa Hall

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