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Food Might Help.

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( Jokes are often made about women and their energy shifts when they are hungry, or the food isn’t right. Sometimes women may want to each, or not eat, certain foods and in those spaces nothing else will do. It’s as if the palette gets appeased or nothing is wanted but the hunger still exists, and it can get ugly. Many women are still concerned about how many calories they intake, and they force themselves into seriously restrictive diets that can sometimes lead to depression…and anger. Making healthier choices is always a plus and wanting to be fit is a plus.

With that being said, there will be times when appetite suppression isn’t the answer for feeling better. Go to the gym and workout for wellness; in addition to the physical health there are mental health qualities. However, there are times when the best workout won’t be able to substitute for a particular food. When you need that particular meal or snack…sistah partake.

This is not about having a negative relationship with food, its about allowing yourself to have moments with food that makes you happy. We live in a society where there is stress all around. We deal with conflict on our job, with our family, in our relationship, sometimes the conflict is within our body. There are days when you say I need my particular coffee, I need my favorite chocolate, I need my soup, I need my stew, I need my piece of fried chicken, I need that sandwich that takes me home, or whatever food sooths your soul. Sistahs that’s the key…there is food that is a whole ministry to your soul. You don’t have to have it often, but when you do for that small space of consumption everything is alright in the world.

Being from New Orleans I was always taught food is medicine, comfort, and a unifying agent. Sometimes what the food is attached to, the ingredients used, and the amount of love poured in while cooking can make the craziness stop. It doesn’t make you a bad person if you have that meal that calms you. It doesn’t mean you are neglecting your health if you have that scoop of chocolate ice cream. Though we are told otherwise…the bottom line is food might help.

When you are feeling off and your energy is completely off center, and you know you haven’t eaten please acknowledge what you need. Before you let the hunger monster take over which means you might say things you don’t mean, snap on people that haven’t done anything wrong, have short patience with your children, and rip your spouses head off find the meal you need. This gets back to the idea of self-care.

It is understandable that you are trying to get a million things done, there are people that are pulling from you in multiple capacities, and some days you can find yourself physically drained. Take the time to administer a bit of healing…eat the food your body needs and consider having the food that soothes your soul without guilt. You don’t need permission to do what is needed for you, and every now and then the answer might be as simple as food.

Staff Writer; Chelle’ St James

May also connect with this sister via Twitter; ChelleStJames.

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