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If All Men Cheat All Women Cheat.

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(ThySistas.com) There are many sistas that have been hurt by men that cheat. We walk away wondering why is that we don’t seen to get what we deserve. Many of us put everything into the person we care about. We don’t deserve to bare the weight of the other women he’s been with. Why are we not enough? What made him feel it was okay to pay us such a high disrespect? If we behaved in the same manner he would feel sick inside. When these behaviors happen more than once it is easy to take the position that black men cheat. It is easy to be of a mind that no one will ever be good enough for any of them…and maybe you’re wasting your time. When hurt happens it can be blinding and alter one’s perspective on life and people. Though you may feel that way you still long to be loved and have the relationship that will be good for you whereby you will be treated properly.

The thing is…sistas if this is how you view men you must accept the same in kind. There are men that have had their hearts cut out by a woman. They have given all they have, and they too were treated like they were not enough. They have experienced the sick feeling, and some were willing to take a cheating back only to be cheated on again. Some of these men are verbally and physically abused by women they are dedicated to loving. Before you right off their story…consider your own. There are men raising children that are not theirs and trying to give a woman everything she wants…but they get cheated on.

It would be wrong for a man to tell you he believes all women cheat because of what he’s been through. You would have every right to take issue with his position. You are not responsible for the behaviors of the women in his past. You should not have to defend your character and integrity in a relationship when you have been nothing but fair to said man just because he’s been hurt before. You should not be tasked with baring the weight of his insecurity, past hurt, nor the mental health issues that may have come about as a result of the trauma he’s endured.

If you agree…understand this same position equally applies. We can’t speak of equality in any aspect they pick and choose where it applies. Double standards are a hinderance to progress regardless of where they apply. The bottom line is all men do not cheat, and all women do not cheat. There are people in the world that cheat and it’s a trash move. No one man nor woman deserves to have their trust violated. No one deserved to give their all only to be made to feel less than, and to be taken advantage of. You don’t deserve what that man did to you. There is a man out there that doesn’t deserve what that woman did to him. If neither side can’t see the person if front of them because of their past they need to consider healing before they hurt someone.  The narrative on pain doesn’t belong to just women nor men. Sistas we must fight the urge to lose principle because of the pain we’ve endured.

Staff Writer; Adonicka Michele

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