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4 Easy Ways to Sell Your Motorcycle for the Best Price Possible.

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( Why do you want to sell your motorcycle? If you are selling your motorcycle to get money to upgrade to a better, newer model, you will want the most money and the fastest sale. If you are no longer going to be riding a motorcycle, you might just want a fast sale to get on with your life. A financial emergency might prompt the need for a quick sale.

Choices for Selling A Motorcycle

A person wanting to sell a motorcycle has several ways to sell it available. One of the easiest ways is to sell to American Motorcycle Trading Company. This is an online way to sell. This company purchases motorcycles by the thousands every year. The process is as simple as filling out their online forms. You provide your information and information about the bike such as year, model, make, mileage, etc. You include photos and a written description of the bike.

Then you wait a short time for a bid to be sent to you. If you decide to accept the bid, the purchase process begins. You send them the signed paperwork, and they pay for the motorcycle and send a crew to take possession of it.

The second choice of ways to sell your motorcycle is trading it in on the new model, Trade-ins bring lower prices but are quick and convenient when the goal is to get a new bike. Visit several dealerships to find the best trade-in price as well as the best price and terms on the new bike.

Third, the owner can sell their motorcycle outright to a dealer. Again, it is important to shop around local dealers for the best price.

The fourth choice is for the brave at heart. Market the motorcycle to the public yourself with online and newspaper ads. This may bring the most money to the seller by cutting out the middleman and their need for profit. But, dealing with the public can be inconvenient and risky. With precautions and marketing skill, the rewards can be high.

Tips For Selling A Motorcycle

  • Be realistic on the price. Look at the internet price guides for your motorcycle model and year. Buyers will be looking at these guides. List the price higher than what you will accept. Buyers will offer less than you ask.
  • List the bike everywhere, including the local newspaper classifieds and multiple Internet sites. Go to motorcycle meets. Take good photos to include in the ads and to show prospective buyers. Then, take calls and arrange a safe showing space. Ask for a cash deposit and ID for test drives.
  • Have all the motorcycle’s paperwork in hand in advance. Also, have a bill of sale ready to fill out. Locate the owner’s manual, service records, extra keys, safety certification, and proof of ownership.
  • Know everything about the motorcycle and its benefits
  • Spend the money to
  • get the bike serviced and detailed
  • to look and run it’s best and bring the highest price and the fastest sale.
  • Do not list your home address in any ads. For contact information, consider getting an “email alias” just for the sale that can be deleted.

If your motorcycle looks and runs its best, it will bring more money no matter how you choose to sell it. The effort and investment will be worth the better selling price.

Staff Writer; Sherry Jones

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