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4 Things Black Herbivores Need for you to know.

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( Being black and vegan or vegetarian or flexitarian is almost like being a Martian when it comes to going to black family functions. Be it a wedding, birthday party, family reunion or just a backyard BBQ, once you open your mouth to say that you “don’t eat meat” people look at you like you have 3 eyes. You would think that you told them you were a cannibal on an all baby diet. Suddenly, the vegetables that are most likely on the menu anyway has every kind of meat imaginable in them. Like is it not enough meat on the grill we also have to put it in the green beans, spaghetti and salad?

Let’s not begin talking about dairy-free diets. Now the topic of discussion becomes, “well what are you going to eat for breakfast, veggies?” Umm yes. And fruit. And guess what, it’s okay.

Once I declined the offer of eggs from my grandmother and I’m could have sworn a slow and singular tear fell from her eye like Denzel in Glory. Now she will start to offer me something then stops mid-sentence and says “oh I forgot you don’t eat real food.” In my mind I’m like “are you the same grandma that pushed peas and greens in front of me as a kid and threatened to withhold the life saving thirst quenching Kool-Aid if I didn’t finish them?” Maybe if you wouldn’t have made these lima beans so good, I would still want meat. Probably not though. But I digress.

On behalf of all of the non-traditional diet having, meat alternative and plant based eaters out there I’m here to give you a list of 4 Things Black Herbivores Need for You to Know.

1. We are not all trying to be. There are several reasons why people don’t eat meat. Some do it for health reasons, some do it because they don’t like meat, others don’t like the idea of killing animals for food and some do it for weight loss. Not ALL of us desire to be skinny or the save the cows but we do desire to be healthy. So, looking us up and down and saying “you sure don’t look like you don’t eat meat” I both an insult and just plain wrong.

2. We eat real food. Contrary to popular belief fruits and vegetables are real food. We eat things that grow from the earth. They grow on trees and bushes and from the soil. What we eat is as real as real can be. As for that hotdog or bologna sandwich you’re eating Ma’am/Sir, well let’s just say there may be more “real food” in the toy isle at

3. You eat fruits and vegetables as well, remember? Please stop acting like we are eating inedible objects like light bulbs (I saw that in TV once) or feathers or puffs of We like to eat apples and bananas just like you and Baby Bop. It’s nothing new. Humans have been doing it since the beginning of time. Remember Adam and Eve?? They were eating in the garden. Last time that checked hamburgers don’t grow in gardens.

4. We still love soul food. Did you know that you could cook spaghetti without meat? Did you know that there are herbs and spices that you can cook with that seasons greens so well you would forget that there was ever a recipe that included meat at all? Make you wanna slap yo momma. Not my momma because she slaps back. But you get the

I know this won’t stop you from throwing those smoked turkey necks and “hog mogs” in that pot. This was not to get you meat eaters to come over the other side. It is simply to give  you a few pointers on how to be considerate of your sister-in-law or cousin or auntie who prefers to only have plants on their plates. Be kind to your favorite herbivores and make a salad minus the ham and turkey chunks. I’m sure a hug of appreciation will follow.

Staff Writer; LaMisha M. Readus

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