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Helpful Hiring Tips To Use This Year.

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( Hiring is a huge challenge. There will be a time during those first few years of owning your business where you can no longer cope with the workload and you will need some help, and this is when you will hire your first helper.

Hiring someone to help you run the business is a big step in the right direction for you and it can be the key to your future success. Today we want to go through a few of our top tips for hiring. 

Define the Job 

Before you even put an advert up for help, you need to define the job role you are asking for and make sure you can get the right person for the job. You cannot simply hire someone to help you with the broad running of the business because this involves too many different skills which many are not equipped to handle. Choose one aspect of the business such as sales or finance and hire someone for this role. 

Have a Plan

When you are looking to hire someone into your team you need to have a solid plan of what you want to do. For example, if you are looking for a specific set of skills and you are pretty strict with recruitment, you may ask for a telephone interview, face to face interview and also a task for the employee to complete for competency. This will help you gain the knowledge of a person’s skills and you will be able to decide on your new worker much easier. 

Narrow it down 

There will always be certain skills and knowledge that you want an employee to have before they join the business and it is important for you to narrow down your criteria to get the right people. For example, you can ask for a degree, a driver’s license, or a certain number of years experience. This helps you to narrow your field and find people who fit what you are looking for quicker. 

Review Applications 

Remember to think about reviewing more than just the qualifications, make sure to pay attention to skills, experience and personal hobbies too. The right person might not be the person who is the most qualified, it could be the one who is the most eager to learn and has a real interest in the role. Make sure to take everyone into account even if on paper there is someone better because this isn’t always the case.

Prescreen Your Candidates

When hiring a new person into your business it is a very good idea for you to prescribe every candidate with and make sure that they are to be trusted. You can screen potential employees for a whole range of things such as drugs, criminal activity and fraud and this will help protect you and your business and ensure that you won’t hire someone who will take advantage of you or bring the reputation of your brand down in the eyes of the public. 

Staff Writer; Lisa Short

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