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Don’t Judge: Everything Has a Price.

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( We’d like to believe we are happy for our sisters when they achieve or receive the things we know they truly want. Some have been praying and pressing towards academic achievement, other finally have the beautiful love they deserve, some are finally receiving the recognition and promotion on their job they’ve worked for, and others are on the road to becoming a mother having praying for a baby. Regardless of what the wonderful news is the women in their circle should be excited for them, and celebrating. The thing is all of these things have a price. Nothing we receive even when it’s positive will be without boys challenges. The problem comes when you have that sister that’s “happy” for you, but she’s internally upset that her time hasn’t come. When you speak about what’s going on with you she will remind you that it might never happen for her. In that moment the energy is destroyed and you aren’t sure whether you should continue to share.

However, it gets worse when you gave challenges and instead of being supportive you are accused of being grateful. Said friend feels you got what you want, and since others didn’t get the opportunity, you should stop complaining. What this sister is forgetting is all of us are fulfilled in am area by which another may be waiting for their moment. Furthermore, everything has a price and speaking to said price doesn’t make you ungrateful.

Getting college degrees is no easy task. It is the culmination of many sleepless nights, countless hours of class and study time and a serious amount of sacrifice and discipline to make it all work. For many the degree allows them to go into the field they desire. Once they are able to enter said career there is more work that lies ahead. Though this is your dream job it comes with a price. You will have challenges, rough todays, and seasons of tiredness. This doesn’t mean you don’t love your job, and you should be able to talk to the sisters in your circle about what’s going on without the fear of judgement from the sister that’s still fighting to finish her degree.

We see this often in the area of relationships and children. Just because she’s with the man of her dreams spent mean her marriage is perfect. If your sister comes to you she be made to feel judged for speaking to her challenges because you aren’t married. The sister that’s pregnant should not have to suffer in silence during her pregnancy because one of her sisters will deem her ungrateful because at least she having a baby while others wish they could. That’s not fair to the sister that’s pregnant. Whether we’ve had kids or not it’s quite clear that there is pain and discomfort with pregnancy.

Some of our sisters are living in depressed spaces because those that they could have talk to, that were so happy for them, made them feel as though they didn’t have a right to address their feelings when doing through hardships because they needed to be grateful for their blessing. Many have looked up and their good friend was now on medication for depression, I’m the hospital, and some sisters took their lives. They were left to feel alone, and made to feel ashamed of the challenges that came with their new levels. Sisters this isn’t being happy for one another, and some can argue that it’s low key shade and envy. We should support our sisters when they have challenges in their new spaces as they would do the same for us. You time will come, but know that even you will pay a price and you’ll want someone to be there for you. Give the support you receive. Let’s stop judging each in the area of whether, or not, we are grateful and uplift each other in challenging times.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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