Friday, April 12, 2024

Be Fearless.

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( Operating your actions and thoughts even when faced with fear is one of the best things that you can do.  Take on the mantra’s of doing it alone or doing it afraid as it has been stated before.  Whatever you do in this next quarter and moving forward in your life, be fearless about it.

Whenever you drop the fear part of the word fearless, you become more self-aware and you are in position or being aligned to worry less than you would typically do.  You will stop asking for permission to be included with others because you create a space of your very own to do what you want to do.  You will feel less obligated to fit in and pressured to attend everything that you are invited to.  You will be less nervous about speaking your mind or showing that beautiful body of yours more.

Being fearless has been an intricate ingredient for true growth for any person.  You can’t mix fear and conquer together, you have to pick one of them to navigate your life.  Naturally we are made to possess some fears in life.  It’s naturally expected for a person to fear death, fear flying in an airplane or going deep sea diving.  The latter fears however, can all be conquered, no one can escape death.   You will notice that once you conquer any fears, you will become motivated to conquer more of your fears and you will feel an urgency to do so.

The road to becoming fearless is sometimes lonely.  You won’t always have a crowd of people cheering you on.  You will do most things, alone and you will be totally alright through the entire process.  Eventually, someone will see your efforts and come along and support you.  At other times you will be forced out of your comfort zones in order to level up and become that fearless person that you’ve kept hidden from the world.

People won’t always understand why you’re doing things in a certain way, do it anyway!  Be fearless, bold, resilient and confident in everything that you do.  The moment you allow fear to be the driver of your life, it will take you longer to arrive at the beautiful destination that your heart desires.  Don’t allow other people to place their fears onto you either in the form of being naysayers.  You know the vision that you have, you know what is best for you, you know that you are wonderfully made and by now, I hope you know that you are fearless.

Staff Writer; Felicia T. Simpson

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