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The Pandora’s Box Issa Opened.

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( Issa Rae’s show “Insecure” came from Issa’s experiences as an untypical African American. She was different. Unique. Eccentric. Weird. Reading The Misadventures of An Awkward Black Girl shifted my entire adult life.  Her descriptive stories of her mistakes and pains growing up and being different from the quintessential black girl made me realize something very important that all should know:  Weird black girls are the greatest gift to mankind because of our intellect, our quirkiness, and our compassion.

In my hometown, black girls were not smart.  We were gullible. I feel like slavery left some dregs in the cultivation fry pan that most of the black girls I grew up with ate with fidelity.  I was born to a single parent who probably ate those dregs, but I was blessed to not do the same. My intellect saved me, and I truly believe our intellect is part of the reason “Black Girl Magic” is prevalent changing the world we know.  I was grateful to have an aunt who showed me how to love my intelligence and use it to my advantage.  My intellect helped me to get scholarships, get married, and become a published author.  Black girls like Marsai Martin and Amandla Sternberg pride themselves on being weird, being smart, and being awesome.

Who likes penguins? Eating jelly out of a bowl? Talking to self in third person just because?  Yep, I do all of those things proudly. It is what makes me beautiful. The quirkiness we weird gals provide makes the world interesting.  It keeps society on their toes which is really important in this age of media frenzies and trends. Our quirkiness provides entertainment in the form of web series and television shows like Issa Rae’s. Our quirkiness creates trends like Twitter and YouTube challenges.  We provide the color that helps you to live.

Anyone notice that the special types of holidays have increased recently?  We have “National Selfie Day”, #ManCrushMondays, and #ThrowbackThursdays that allow for people to share their world with us to build a community.  I am not saying a weird black girl created those days, but our participation in them allows people to feel more comfortable with themselves.  Our compassion for others allows for a sense of belonging and understanding in a world that wants to ridicule and criticize anything that is different.  Since we are weird, we know how it feels to be ostracized: that is the story of our lives. When we share ourselves, warts and all, we allow others a place to be comfortable. Take the world of modeling for example.  Modeling is no longer for the tall, skinny, white chicks.  Plus size models. Albino models. Short models. Down Syndrome models.  All of these beautiful and different types of people are a part of this industry.  All because someone who is considered weird said that weird should be a part of it too.

Issa Rae did not know she was destined to change the world.  It probably was not her intention, but praise the LORT it happened.  Issa opened a door to people like myself.  I used to feel like I would never be accepted for who I was.  I felt like I had to be something that I was not, and I was not happy about that.  Now, I realized that being weird is a beautiful thing. I add value to this world. I add culture to this world. I add awesomeness.  So thank you, Issa, for opening Pandora’s Box.  We promise we will make weird beautiful.

Staff Writer; J. W. Bella

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