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Limit Who Has Access to You.

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( We are in the times where it’s so popular for us to have 10,000 followers on social media that knows our every move that we make, every experience that we partake in and even down to knowing our choices for health or skin care regimens.  We’ve heard the stories of people houses being broken in while they were on vacation because they were going live on Facebook in Cancun and the thieves were live in their homes, taking all of their valuables.  Stop or limit who has access to you.

Let’s go offline for a minute and discuss situations where your colleague or possibly boss who does not respect your boundaries and calls or texts you repeatedly during your family dinner, for things that could wait until the following work day.  Once you open that phone and respond to one text thinking that it would be a one-time thing, brace yourself, because there will be plenty more to follow that one text response.  Set boundaries early so that you can avoid those interruptions in advance.

This reminds me of executive producer in Hollywood, DeVon Franklin who stated in a book wrote that he set boundaries early on in his career by letting his team and boss know that he is not to be interrupted or disturbed during the Sabbath.  Honoring the Sabbath is a personal and spiritual choice and DeVon knew that if he answered one email, call or text during the Sabbath, he would forever be tied down to the demands of working in Hollywood.  He even mentioned that if a movie he produced premiered during the Sabbath, he did not want his team reaching out to him to fret over the ratings.  That is how you limit who has access to you —— speak up!

This may hurt, but limit that ex who has way too much access to you right now.  You can’t move on with your life because you’re still apart of theirs virtually and possibly socialably.  Limit how much access they have to you by deleting or blocking their phone numbers, emails or social media accounts.  They can’t call or text you late at night if they’re blocked or didn’t just see your picture you just posted on Facebook out and about……BLOCK/DELETE them ASAP!

You don’t have to be a mean girl and cut everyone out of your life just manage how much access they have to you but you can find ways to limit your interactions with people by doing some of the following:

  • Disconnect at times
  • Move in silence
  • Stop making yourself available for everything
  • Create automated responses
  • Avoid giving people too much of your personal information or whereabouts
  • Limit your screen time

Doing these simple things will definitely help you limit how much access people have to you.  Again, you don’t have to do drastic things or be mean and rude just simply set your boundaries and stick to them once you set them.  Your social media friends or followers don’t need to know every move that you make in your personal or professional life, leave some room for people to wonder about you and what you’re doing.  Once you limit who has access to you, you can make room for new opportunities and friendships to unfold.

Staff Writer; Felicia T. Simpson

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