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US Visa Applications Now Requires Your Social Media Information.

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( You thought Uncle Sam was all in people’s business before, well now, to apply for a US visa, all applicants will have to submit their social media information.  According to Twitter in US news, “Almost all foreign visitors to the United States are now required to provide their social media account details, email addresses and phone numbers from the past five years.  A new question asking for social media information appeared on the online visa application on Friday.”

I haven’t decided if I’m against this question or not.  Of course, we live in a social media world and so I understand the concept behind requesting a person’s social media information but then again, I feel as if that’s another way for Uncle Sam to be in all in a person’s business.

On Twitter, Jake Williams tweeted:

“This boils my blood.  If my social media were reviewed, there’s little chance I’d be issued a US visa.” – @MalwareJake

I’m sure these are the same thoughts as anyone else.  Social media was created to be a social networking tool but due to the excessive interactions on the social media platforms, it has become more of a way to “weed out” applicants for things such as jobs as well.  I’ve been in rooms with employers who have searched an applicant’s name on social media (mainly Facebook), to see what kind of posts they make to be considered for employment or other programs or services that the company offers.

Just as employers are using social media to recruit, deny or approve their next employee, it’s no surprise that the government has adopted this same process.  According to The Hill, “Applicants will have the option to say that they do not use social media if that is the case.  The official noted that they could face “serious immigration consequences” as a result…. For now, the drop down menu only includes major social media websites, but the official said applicants soon will be able to list all sites they use.”

This is an extensive background search basically and stems from when Tashfeen Malik helped her husband Syed Farook kill 14 people in San Bernardino, CA back in 2015 under the Obama administration.  Trump executive order claims to protect our country from foreign terrorists with this new question added to the US visa application.   Whether we agree or disagree on this, it makes me wonder what’s next, background checks on how often a person travels, maybe?  Who knows but I do think that checking a person’s social media to decide if they can enter the United States of America is a bit unethical.

Staff Writer; Felicia T. Simpson

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