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Time to Check Your Goals.

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( Can’t believe time is passing by so fast this year.  Seems like it was just March and now we’re rolling into the middle of May.  While listening to a podcast, the host asked if we were still on fire with accomplishing our goals as we were in the beginning of the year?  Really take some time and think about that for a second with your own goals.

Have any of your goals changed since the beginning of the year?  Did you fail at a goal you set out to accomplish?  Did you start out on a goal but a new opportunity came along and it steered you away from completing that goal?  Faint not, here are several ways to help you get back on track towards accomplishing your goals.

Break up your goals by quarterly deadlines.  This will let you see ahead of time when you want your goals to be accomplished.  In order to do this, you have to know that your goals are realistic and have them written down in a journal or planner.

Cross out goals that you have accomplished.  This will help you see what goals you still need to work on and constantly put you in the habit of checking on your goals.  You have to do more than just setting goals at the beginning of the year and hoping that they get accomplished somehow.

If there is a goal that you failed at completing, reflect on the failure and find out where you can start fresh on working on it.  Maybe you had a life altering event happen and therefore you “failed” at accomplishing your goal.  Revisit that goal and see how you can create action plans to accomplish that goal.  Life will happen but we still can accomplish our goals no matter what!

Find an accountability partner.  This person is someone who will hold you accountable, seriously.  Not your best friend who may not support your goals or have the time to hold you accountable because they have goals of their own that they’re working on as well.  But maybe someone who shares the same interests as you or a mentor or coach.

Look back over what you’ve done and make the necessary changes that you need.  Maybe your goal was losing 50 lbs, but you quit working out after you struggled with loosing 10 lbs.   Don’t quit, make the necessary changes such as lowering the number of pounds you want to shed, changing the time you exercise, invest in a device that will track, eating habits and exercise activities.  Don’t quit, make changes.

Journal lessons learned.  If the unthinkable happened and you really failed at accomplishing a goal, journal the reasons you think why or the lessons you learned from that experience.  Life is all about learning as you grow and checking on your goals is no different.  What can you gain from those lessons learned?  And apply that towards your next set of goals.  Don’t count everything as a failure.

Every so often, you should be checking on the status of your goals.  Always keep your goals in front of you so that you can constantly see them but that will also motivate you to stay consistent in actively accomplishing each one of them.  Some goals will be put to the side every now and then but don’t let life stop you or make that be an excuse.

Staff Writer; Felicia T. Simpson

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