Thursday, July 18, 2024

Let it Go!

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( How can you make room in your life for new blessings and opportunities if there’s no space in your current life, for them to flow easily?  Let it go!  We say and use tons of hashtags declaring our “new me new year” mantras and the “too blessed to be stressed” declarations, but in fact, we hoard stuff, engulf ourselves into business models and toxic relationships to keep ourselves busy and inclusive.  It is the halfway mark of the second quarter of this year and something that has been draining you is begging you to let it go!

If you are a business owner who have been doing the same projects for several years but they are no longer serving a purpose, you are servicing the same people over and over, you no longer are happy once the annual projects have been completed…….it’s time to let it go!

What you’ve done in your business four years ago, may not be of service to who you are as a business professional or what your customers need at this time.  That one project that feeds the homeless every year, is great of course, but the time it takes planning it, gathering volunteers, etc., may be too overwhelming and not worth the anxiety once you add it all up.  This project may need to be passed on to an eager person who would love to pick up where you left off at, if you showed them briefly how you’ve done it.

If your home, work environment, car and anywhere else that you utilize that space is cluttered, let it go!!!!  Keeping some things for memories is ok to do but becoming a hoarder is unhealthy.  You’ve seen those television shows where the men and women are surrounded by old junk and crap to the point that you can’t even walk in their homes.  Let that stuff go!   That person in your life is gone, that stuff you’re holding on to no longer is needed for where you’re going in this next season of your life and please, if your car or desk is cluttered… go clean it!

Toxic relationships don’t always appear in an intimate partnership.  Sometimes, you’ll have toxic relationships with your family, coworkers or even a neighbor.  Cut off the dead weight of those relationships that doesn’t provide you with the peace you need in your life.  Don’t continue to be abused mentally, physically, financially, sexually, emotionally or in any other way, by anyone!  If the person, whomever it is, doesn’t add value to your life, doesn’t respect your boundaries, only come around you or call you when they need something, GET RID OF THEM and let go of feeling guilty about doing it.

You can’t change other people but you can change and control the things that you do and say and the connections that you make in life with people.  Don’t get caught up in people pleasing because you will be burned out trying to please people who will never be satisfied with anything you do or say.  If it’s not for you and the peace of life that is granted to you, let it go!

Staff Writer; Felicia T. Simpson

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