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Give Your New Job a Chance.

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( Its obvious when your current job becomes a toxic environment that it’s time to begin looking for better employment. Many different situations can cause the job to become a toxic space, and sometimes life demands that we find employment with better pay to accommodate our expenses. Regardless of what causes the move everyone knows looking for a job is a job in and of itself. Difficulties can arise when you are trying to interview for jobs while being employed. No one really wants to draw attention to themselves on the current job as this is sometimes met with backlash from the current employer. Sometimes we go into a job with zeal and good expectations, but we can be met with various challenges that make us hate the job and, in that moment, it becomes more of a hindrance. Sometimes, the money doesn’t feel worth the stress the job is causing in your life, especially if that stress begins to manifest itself physically.

After much prayer, mediation, searching, and interviewing finally a great opportunity presents itself it’s as if a breath of fresh air has finally arrived, and a great weight has been lifted off your shoulder. You are able to put in your notice to the current job, or just leave if you much, and its on to new and better things. It is important to remember this moment. Remember the joy and happiness of it so that you don’t lose this wonderful energy as you prepare to step into your next place of employment. This is very important because if you are not careful it is rather easy to take the negative energy of the previous space into the new one. Dealing with a toxic work environment for too long can lead us to walk into a new environment tense and looking for hell to break loose at any moment. It is very important to take a moment to breathe, mediate, or talk to someone to help get that energy our so that the new job gets a clean slate.

When you walk into a new place it is natural for you to evaluate your setting and those in it…know that the same evaluation is being done by others. Based on your area of expertise you might be able to immediately spot areas that need improvement, and things that can be tweaked to help business run smoother. Make a mental, or written, note of those things. However, allow yourself to get in and truly see the function of your new work environment before suggesting changes. It’s important to remember these people don’t know you, nor do you know them. Hitting the ground running is important, but you want to be as informed as possible in everything you do. There may be practices that are different, but legal, from what you would do. New places come with new minds and strategies so keep an open mind. in the long run you might have the better idea, but if you know what it feels like to have someone come in and trash your ideas and work you don’t want to make the mistake of doing that to another person.

As black women we can walk into a situation by which our confidence, intelligence, and professionalism is deemed as attitude or confrontational when we are merely trying to be our best self. Though those stereotypes and assumptions are demeaning know that everyone will not see you that way. Go into your new job being your best you without the anticipation of being seen in a negative light. Yes, you know how to deal with it should it occur, but if that’s what you’re looking for your energy just might reflect the negativity you want to avoid. This is a completely new space for you…allow that space to show itself to you.

Walking into a new job can be a much-needed change of scenery, and/or pay. However, you want to give yourself a chance to acclimate to the new environment and get the environment a chance to know you as a professional. You may find that this new environment is a great fit for your, or in the long run it could be a pit stop to something even greater. Whatever the future may hold give your new job a fair chance.

Staff Writer; Chelle’ St James

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