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Argh! Three Foolproof Steps For Resolving Conflict In The Workplace.

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( Do you have an effective strategy for resolving conflict in the workplace? Most professionals hide away from dealing with conflict head-on.  Whether it’s with co-workers, employees, your boss or clients, it important that you have a strategy in place to avoid an even bigger situation. Unresolved issues can take up a lot of time, energy and create a toxic work environment. A negative work environment can cause a strain between employers and employees and as negatively affect morale, productivity and motivation in the office.  As humans, disagreements are unavoidable, however, we’ve put together some foolproof ways you can step-in a resolve office issues.

Consider A Mediator

Sometimes a workplace issue can be too much to attempt to resolve on your own. You can reach a dead end in your resolution negotiations, despite all efforts and tactics that you’ve attempted. Sometimes an outside professional in the form of a mediator can be your best option. Mediators like Judge Diane Ritchie can work as an impartial connection that will help create calm in difficult or sensitive situations. Alternatively, you could consider advising your co-worker or employee to consult the advice of an employment tribunal.  

Define the Relationship

Defining the relationship means creating a written agreement with a co-worker or employee that agrees on the steps that can be taken to work together more effectively. This includes outlining guidelines for acceptable ways of communicating, levels of teamwork required to accomplish the necessary tasks and how to conduct joint meetings without tensions arising.  This also includes setting boundaries for both parties and deciding how to handle both parties concerns and gripes in a fair manner.  and determining how to handle feedback and disagreements up front. It also encourages both parties to speak openly and without fear of repercussions which can, in turn, allow any crossed wires to be resolved in a calm and effective manner. Work can be a stressful and high tension environment for many reasons and conflict can often arise from a minor issue, allowing your co-work or employee to feel trusted, respected and valuable can also help any feeling of bad blood at work and end in positive collaboration.

Actively Listen

Communication is key in every workplace and a must-have for optimum efficiency and effectiveness.  Actively listening is not something that everyone knows how to do well and it’s an imperative skill to learn.  There are three levels of listening; internal, focused and global. These involve internal signalling, non-verbal cues as well as physical cues. These three levels can be incorporated when dealing with arguments in the workplace to set the tone of the conversation. Allow the singfiers to determine how to approach your co-worker or employee with your concerns. Ask considered questions and allow the other person to speak without interrupting them. Repeat what is being said to you back to them to reinforce that you have been actively listening to all participants.

Staff Writer; Sheila Barker

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