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Pregnant at 37 Pt 5.

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( The journey of this pregnancy has had wonderful moments, and challenges. Last time I checked in with you I was knocking on the door of the 3rd trimester. I had just finished working through my last rounds of antibiotic, and to be honest with you I pray I don’t have to see anymore during this pregnancy. At 32 weeks I have a great relationship with my obstetrician, and the maternal specialist I’ve been seeing. As I mentioned last time the fatigue is back in full affect. It’s a catch 22 because I definitely don’t have to count kicks as this is a very active baby, but as of late he keeps me up all night. I really don’t want to take a sleep aid so I find myself fighting to stay awake during the day.

Ladies, pregnancy brain is real, and it is amplified when you aren’t able to sleep. I am learning to be patience with myself because sometimes I forget what I’m doing while doing it. This can be very agitating, but I understand why it’s happening and try not to beat myself up. I’ve had to overcome more physical challenges with this pregnancy, and it had strengthened my faith, while teaching me to appreciate my strengths.

Currently I am learning that medicine is indeed a practice, and due dates are an estimate. My husband has been concerned for most of this pregnancy that we are further along that the due date suggests. The baby has been developing at a good rate, but one that is seems to be faster given his growth and movement. I found myself fatigued sooner and experiencing serious pressure in my pelvis area earlier than I expected. During my last visit with the specialist we were informed that if the due date was based on baby’s size would be two weeks ahead of the due date. I didn’t put too much thought into it because my fundal height measurements were within good range, and we already knew baby boy was a little above average in size.

However, this recent appointment put saw my fundal height measured almost four weeks ahead. Granted there isn’t cause for alarm, but I realize I may not be working with the same amount of preparation time anymore. My doctor wanted to discuss inducing on the grounds of blood pressure, but that was dismissed as my pressure has been great all pregnancy long. I mean I had a panic attack on my first visit of course that would render a high pressure reading. However, I was willing to consider it on the grounds of the baby’s size. Sisters, I can be honest in saying I don’t really want to try and push out a 10lb baby. However, I’m realizing that may not be necessary at all. If my due date is off this baby may come earlier in May on his own with no inducing needed; that is my prayer.

I realize that I have to pay better attention to the body, so I will go on leave from work sooner than I expected. It is important to have the time to get my home baby ready at my own pace. Many of us don’t want to be a burden so we don’t ask for the help we need. This journey is teaching me that is not wise. When others genuinely reach out to be a blessing it’s important to take the help when we need it. It doesn’t make us weak; it is a sign of strength to know one’s limitations. Everything is making sense now as far as why I’ve been moving so slow. I’m probably further along, and that’s okay. next week I’ll go back to the doctor for them to do measurements on baby, and that will give me more of an understanding of the time table I have. There is joy in my soul that he’s doing well and growing, and I’m doing well also. It makes my heart smile when my 5yr old sits by my tummy to talk to his brother, and I thank God for my husband that is more supportive than I could imagine. As my father’s death anniversary passed recently, I had to acknowledge that I still feel like I need him.

However, I had to find a way to navigate those feelings without raising my pressure. I chose to focus on everything he’s taught me and pay attention to all the love around me. I’m focused on staying healthy, baby growing, and keeping a positive state of mind as I knock on the door of the final stretch of this pregnancy.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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