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You Say You Want Peace.

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( Life can be a season of busy, craziness, hurt and drama. There are times when we feel so much is being thrown at us that we don’t have the time to breathe and collect ourselves. Regardless of relationship status, or children, too many sistahs are battling with stress. They are battling with the deep need for peace. Many of us are tired, agitated, facing anxiety at all time highs, and dealing with people that always seem to need something. Too many of us feel obligated to answer every call, engage in every argument, and speak to every situation. Needing to clear one’s mind and body is a must, whether through meditation, going for a walk, or trying products from somewhere like canadacannabisdispensary. Everyone will find a different route to relieving their stress and achieving peace.

The heaviness can become to overwhelming that its hard to hear someone speak about themselves without feeling as though we have been personally attacked. In the pressure cooker of life everything seems important yet deeply personal, and the constant cry is one for peace. If one could attain, and maintain, peace breathing would be so much easier. A calming internal peace would allow us to navigate through life’s challenges with an internal calm that would help us stay grounded.

The primary problem with peace is it’s the opposite of drama. This might not seem like a problem but that exactly what we encounter when the need for peace is pitted against the drama that we have normalized. Removing the elements of drama would create an unknown space. For so many of us walking in peace is desired, but unchartered territory and that can be frightening.  Too many of us have mistaken being needed for being misused. We’ve allowed ourselves to be inserted in the lanes of others to the point we don’t know what we would do if the only lane we had to navigated was our own. What would you do if your phone did not ring?

What would it be like not to feel the need to give advice? Would you feel unneeded or as though the silence was too loud? Could you walk away form social media for a while where you engage in constant battles about social issues, and take the comments of others personal even if they aren’t about you? Think very hard about those simple questions if you say you want peace. If you find yourself fighting with being misunderstood all the time in of those spaces, you must deal with the supposed need for them to find your path to peace.

Keeping one’s internal peace requires being comfortable in one’s own skin. Sistahs you have to be okay in not being in the center of someone else’s drama filled life, and not allowing their drama to enter your life. Peace can set in when you know who you are, and you know you love well. You don’t have to prove your worth in a relationship by allowing a false narrative of being needed. Giving advise if cool but know when you are not being taken seriously. Pay attention to the person that comes to you with repeated situations no matter how much advice you give. They don’t want help they are dumping that negative energy on you, hence disturbing your peace. It is okay to have a peaceful day whereby your phone doesn’t ring all day with the woes of others.

Enjoy time in your element whereby you can relax, meditate, and do things that will bless your life. For the sake of peace some of us need to unplug from social media at times, especially while we are in the process of dealing with great trauma and healing. Sometimes too much negativity via social media can cause further disturbance. If not careful we will find ourselves addressing too many social situations from a personal position defending ourselves from information others don’t know. This is dangerous as we can find ourselves bleeding all over our keyboard without ever noticing it is happening. Obtaining peace requires us to divorce our relationship with drama.

It can be hard to walk away from drama and stress for the sake of the peace we want and need. It is important to know we deserve peace, but it is something we have to work to obtain. Sometimes we will lose relationships that are toxic, and needy. We have to find the courage to let those connections go, and it doesn’t mean you love less…you just love you more. Peace is the result of making necessary adjustments in life that is necessary to breathe easy. Obtaining peace doesn’t mean everything will be a walk in the park, or that life won’t present challenges. Peace is something you deserve, and it can keep you balanced when everything around you looks to be confusion. However, peace will require your loyalty.

Staff Writer; Chelle’ St James

May also connect with this sister via Twitter; ChelleStJames.

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