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Pregnancy can be Hard on the Emotions.

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( Pregnancy can be a beautiful time. You are experiencing a ton of body changes, but you are also closely aware that there is a new life growing in you. As with most things, carrying a life has its growing pains. Everything is not glitter and unicorns. Some expecting moms face serious complications, and even those that do not must deal with the state of the body as the baby grows. Discomfort, the battle to sleep, and those untimely trips to the bathroom are to be expected at some point in the pregnancy.

However, due to hormones being all over the place life can get quite emotional. All pregnant moms are not criers, or overly sensitive, however it can seem like the world isn’t very kind. Pregnancy can show you who your real friends are and expose frenemies. If one isn’t careful a time that should be joyful can turn into an emotional rollercoaster of negativity that can threaten one’s peace, and if unchecked one’s health.

Many women that are pregnant have their feelings dismissed for the simple fact that they are pregnant. It is assumed that since one is pregnant, they are already overly emotional so anything they choose to addressed can be charged to their state. This is not the case. Just as with any other good news some pregnant women have to walk a fine line when addressing how they feel. No one wants to be seen as a complainer, there is usually the friend that doesn’t have kids yet but low-key throws shade because you are pregnant, and others may feel if this is what you wanted suck it up.

Some women are literally dealing with depression, anxiety, grief, job issues, family crisis, and physical concerns while pregnant. If they are supposed to have a strong community of sisters there should be someone she can to call that doesn’t make them feel as though they should suck it up and deal with it. Far too often we wait until the mother is in distress, labeled high risk, or fighting for her life to realize something was wrong and she could have used more help.

Its hard on the emotions when you realize some of the people closest to you are incapable of being happy for you because they aren’t pregnant. Regardless of the reasons why this can leave a person emotion, and in pain. Its hard when everyone says they don’t want to be a burden but calls all the time to dump life’s worse days on your plate without regard to your wellbeing. Being pregnant is not a license to get kicked. If one isn’t careful blood pressure can become an issue along with other stress triggers that can be dangerous for mother and child. It is okay to address concerns while you are pregnant and speak your truth. It is also okay to simply not answer the phone and remove yourself from negative conversations. This doesn’t make you heartless, but it might make those around you realize that you have feelings.

You might end up telling the dear friend that makes you walk on eggshells how you feel about being made to feel bad for being pregnant. She very well may not realize she’s throwing shade and hurting your feelings. This is a joyous time, and there is no need to allow it to become an emotional nightmare. Pregnancy can invoke many different kinds of emotions, but you don’t have to feel alone as if you don’t matter.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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