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Be A Good Samaritan And Curb Your Judgemental Tendencies.

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(ThySistas.comWhat is it the Bible says?

Judge not lest you be judged! (Matthew 7:1).

And yet, how many of us do it? We are sometimes quick to criticize other people for their flaws. We mistrust people who don’t conform to our standards. And we pass judgement on others, directly to their face, in gossip with others, or by running critical thoughts through our heads.

But remember what else the Bible said:

Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the speck in your own? (Matthew 7: 3).

This is a message for the hypocrite in all of us. Instead of condemning others for their sins, lifestyle choices, and character flaws, we should first turn to ourselves. While the people we might judge are not perfect, we need to remember that neither are we!

We need to check our attitudes at the door and start to love people. After all, loving others is what Jesus preached time and time again.

Don’t then be the priest or the Levite who left a man stranded at the side of the road. Be the Good Samaritan; that person who doesn’t walk on by, but actively stops to help. And within this, we are talking literally and metaphorically. There are all kinds of people in this world who need our help, through both prayer and action, so rather than judge or ignore, and do nothing, actively take the time to do something.

We are thinking of the homeless; the people who are not the dirty beggars of our judgements, but who are the people who through whatever misfortune have found themselves living on the streets. Instead of stepping over them and casting a critical eye, stop and hold a conversation. Offer to buy them something to eat. And point them in the direction of a homeless shelter. You might then go home and consider supporting a homeless charity to help others.

We are thinking of those prone to addictions, such as drug addicts and alcoholics. Being judgemental, you might think poorly of their habits, but have you walked in their shoes? Do you know what led them into addiction? Put away your critical thoughts and consider what you could do to help. If you know somebody personally with addiction struggles, talk to them about their problem, offer to find counseling for them, and get in touch on their behalf with addiction treatment centres such as Sober Living. People with addictions often struggle to break free without assistance, so help where you can, and enlist others in support.

And we are thinking about anybody you may have judged today!

You don’t have to like the way other people are or the way they live, but you do need to accept that people are imperfect, that they do make mistakes, and that they don’t always live by your standards. If you know you have been guilty of judgemental tendencies then, take time to think and pray. Ask God to help you control your critical thoughts. And then ask for the grace that He has for you to be shown through your life. You might then be able to love and not hate. Help and not ignore. Show mercy instead of showing contempt. You will then become the person that God wants you to be, and in the process, you may be able to help others become what God wants them to be.

Think on this today, and remember our words if and when you find yourself succumbing to judgemental attitudes.

God bless, and thank you for reading.

Staff Writer; Sherry Shaw

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