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Do It Afraid.

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( What’s the worst that could happen?  You make a mistake you fail during your first attempt at something?  Who cares?  Approach new things to do in your life, by doing it afraid.  You never know what doors of opportunity that you will be opening, by doing so.  The courage that you experience as you take on that new thing, will motivate you to keep moving forward instead of giving up so easily.

Celebrate as you reach new levels, the emotions that you feel from celebrating, will give you more of an urgency to conquer your fears.  For example, if you’re aspiring to be a motivational speaker but you’re afraid or shy, speaking in front of an audience, do it afraid anyway.  Or volunteer to teach a smaller group of individuals as practice.  Obtain feedback from your audience and work on enhancing those areas that need improvements as you go along.  After you’ve conquered this fear, celebrate yourself.  Make it a small celebration and go all out, as you conquer more fears.

Fear is a mindset and will keep you in bondage of self-doubt if you succumb to your fears.  You can always enhance what you do by learning more tools and strategies to perfect whatever area that you’re afraid of.  Another example of something that women do afraid all of the time and that is becoming a mother for the first time.  Initially, a newly mom will worry about being the best mother to their unborn child and they worry about carrying their child full-term.  They spend so much time in fear or worrying that they often miss the beautiful journey of motherhood.  Although the first and second trimesters can be difficult due to morning sickness, the transition of a woman giving birth to her child is breathtaking.

All of the well-known and local success stories that we know of since the beginning of time, have had some type of fear, at some point in their life. What if Prince, Michael Jackson and Beyonce’ feared performing in front of people?  We would not have three iconic musical geniuses that the world will ever probably witness again, after them.  What if your hairdresser or favorite nail technician was too afraid to obtain their licenses to provide you with exceptional customer service that you currently receive?  I challenge you to read anything about a famous person that you admire and somewhere as a part of their story, they will certainly talk about how they had to do things afraid, in order to move on to the next level.

The acronym F.E.A.R. stands for false evidence appearing real.  Most of the times, the energy that you put into a thought, manifests because of the law of attraction.  Your thoughts attracted that outcome.  So what do you think will happen if you shifted those false evidence of thoughts and changed them to visuals of you conquering whatever you set out to do?  Those positive thoughts will attract positive outcomes.  So the next time, fear creeps up, do it afraid.

Staff Writer; Felicia T. Simpson

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