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9 Signs That Indicate You’re In The Wrong Career.

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(ThySistas.comAre you trying to figure out whether you’re in the wrong career? The fact that you’re even thinking about this could indicate that you need a change. However, to further help you make up your mind, here we have 9 signs that could indicate you’re not in the place you should be.

Finding the right career can be tough. It’s important to note that there is no ‘perfect’ career – every career comes with downsides and things you probably won’t enjoy so much, however, the right career for you is the one that you are willing to put up with no matter what. Let’s not go off on a tangent, though – finding the right career is for a different post! Here, let’s talk about 9 signs that indicate you’re in the wrong career. Let’s get started!

  1. You Dread Going Into Work

Dreading going into work is a pretty strong sign that you’re in the wrong career. You shouldn’t dread going into work – your gut is trying to tell you that you need to change careers, and fast!

Many people will tell you that when you’re in the right career, you’ll actually look forward to getting out of bed in the morning. This may or may not be true (getting out of bed can be rough), but one thing is for sure: you should not be dreading work. Pay attention to this gut feeling, because it means that the job isn’t right. In return, a career change may be in order. If one happens to live in up north, yoga teacher training in nyc could pique your interest. Just an idea, as wherever you are located, one should have a peace of mind while at work. 

  1. You’re Complacent When It Comes To Doing Your Job

Maybe you don’t quite dread going into work, but you are pretty complacent. Complacency is another bad sign that you’re not in the right job. The right job will keep you engaged, and you’ll get a good level of job satisfaction when carrying out your daily tasks. You might not always feel happy and focused, however, being permanently complacent is a very bad sign that your inner needs are not being fulfilled.

  1. You Haven’t Got Much Of A Work/Life Balance

Finding the right work/life balance is an absolute must. You need to have enough time to take care of yourself, do things you enjoy, and spend time with people you love if you’re going to be happy. You need to know when to leave work at work and be able to carve out time for yourself. If not, you won’t feel like you ever get a minute’s rest and you might even suffer from physical/emotional burn out.

  1. You Know You Can’t Advance Much More

A career in which you can climb up the ladder, get better positions and better pay is great. You know that with hard work you could have more responsibility and enjoy better benefits because of it. However, many jobs are what is considered to be ‘dead end’. Being in a dead end job means staying in the same position the whole time you’re in a company, never advancing. This can be extremely disheartening, and the only pay increase you’ll likely get is a pay rise when the national minimum goes up.

  1. You Know You’re Not Being Paid What You’re Worth

Do you have a feeling deep down that you could be doing so much better? If you know you’re not getting paid what you’re worth, it’s time for you to look for a career that will.

  1. You Find Yourself Daydreaming About Other Careers

Perhaps you find yourself ‘zoning out’ and imagining what it would be like for you if you were to get another career. Maybe you spend your time at home imagining yourself working in a hospital and looking for uniforms and scrubs. Maybe you picture yourself flying a plane, reading a sermon, or doing something equally as different in your day to day life. Whatever it is, life is way too short not to try something that your heart is calling you to do.  

  1. You Know You’re Not Really Using Your Skills Or Talents

Everybody has a particular set of skills and talents. Some people are great writers, speakers, and communicators, while others have design/artistic skills a great eye for detail. Whatever it is you know you’re good at and you enjoy simultaneously you should be doing every day. When we do the things we love, that we’re really good at, we tend to be able to add more value to people and get paid more as a result. You’ll enjoy far more job satisfaction when you use your skills and talents. You’ll likely feel more engaged at work and appreciated. Look for roles in which your skills and talents are used and make sure you have any qualifications you need to go for a role!

  1. You’re Not Able To Live The Lifestyle You Really Want

Your career can have a big impact on the type of life you lead. Your career should suit how much time you want off/to yourself each week/month/year. It should pay you the amount you want to lead the lifestyle you want, allowing you to go where you want, eat where you want, and live in a house that you love. If your job is not supporting your ideal lifestyle, you should do something about it.

  1. You Know Deep Down You’re Doing It For The Wrong Reasons

Perhaps, deep down, you know you’re doing this job for the wrong reasons. Maybe it’s a job you thought was cool when you were younger and you’re scared to say you made a mistake. Maybe it’s a career that your parents really wanted for you and you’re scared to disappoint them. Whatever it is, identify the reasons you’re in the career you’re in now and give yourself strong reasons to go against them. You have to do what makes you truly happy; you shouldn’t ignore something that feels like you’re calling, even if you think you might ruffle some feathers in the process.

Are you in the wrong career? Which of these 9 signs do you identify with? Let us know in the comments!

Staff Writer; Shelia Ross

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