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A Mother’s Love Knows No Bounds: 6 Ways You Can Show Your Affection to Your Young Daughter.

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( Most moms know that their daughters are not always made from sugar and spice and everything nice, but a mother’s love for her daughter is unending. No matter how many times you and your child come to a battle of wills, at the end of the day your little girl is the joy of your life and you want to give her the best that you can offer.

Showing affection to your young daughter does not necessarily mean spending money on her. Sometimes simply being there is enough, while other times putting a little bit of money aside to create memories together is important as well.

Here are 6 ways you can show affection to your young daughter and help strengthen that bond between the two of you.

6 Ways to Show Your Young Daughter You Care

1. Notice and encourage her talents. Beginning at a young age, children begin seeing themselves differently from those around them. They often compare their traits to others and focus on what they don’t have instead of what they do.

Create an environment of encouragement by taking the time to pay attention to the little and big things that make your daughter stand out from the crowd and help her to cultivate and nourish those talents and skills.

2. Take some time to live in an imaginary world. Earlier and earlier, our imaginations are forced to be cut off as we have to face the real world. Children are naturally creative and as parents, we need to encourage this creativity because it will teach them how to find unique ways around tough situations later.

3. Set up play dates. Find the things that she enjoys playing with and play them with her. When you buy her presents, make them things you can both do together. Some gift ideas for 10 year old girls that can include you, for example, are science kits and art activities. Avoid one-person games and toys.

4. Read with her. Knowledge is power at any age, and the more you foster a love of reading with your daughter the more she will love to learn later. Whatever her favorite subject may be, find books that draw her in and make her passionate about reading.

Make a cozy space in your home that’s just for the two of you and only used during reading time. Read to her to start, then have her begin reading to you, and as she gets older, keep that time going while you each read independently and then share what you read.

5. Create your own field trips. Who says field trips are only done in school? If there is a museum you both are interested in, a play you want her to see, or even a picnic in a park where you can teach her about nature, pack a lunch and spend the day field tripping around your city or state.

6. Above all, show her how to be confident. For many children, but especially girls, self-esteem is inherited from their mother. If she sees you constantly judging yourself, hears you putting yourself down, or watches you accept less than you want her to have, that may be how she models herself.

Show her how to be confident in her own skin by modeling it for her by you being confident in yours.

A Mother/Daughter Bond is Forever

Raising your daughter is a gift you have been bestowed, and it’s a fragile gift. Teach her well by giving her these 6 forms of affection, and you will have that special bond forever.

Staff Writer; Latasha Ball

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