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Maintaining life on a $200 budget?

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( We are all too familiar with the rising prices in today’s economy from the stock market to the gas prices everything is spiraling out of control. At a certain part in everyone’s life we were the inevitable: adulthood. With becoming an adult comes expenses such as bills, groceries, and just unexpected expenses. I finally understand what the adults in my life were saying now when they used to tell me to be happy to be a child while I could because once I became grown up and got out into the real-world things were going to be totally different.

For the sake of saving coins though there are many ways to cut back on overspending and to save a few dollars for a rainy day. The top way to save money is by eating at home, eating out is so expensive and by preparing your own meal you can have extra money for your pockets. Another tip is when you are grocery shopping stick to the set budget, foods such as soup and pasta will become your savings best friend because those two meals stretch indefinitely. There is nothing wrong with balling on a budget one way to do this is by couponing, it is very time consuming (if you are dedicated) but in the end it pays off.

Look in newspapers and other circulars there are always a ton of free or discounted items that most use daily. Coupons can save money at grocery stores, restaurants, etc. Using a shopping list also comes in handy to make sure you stay on task and get what you came for in the first place. There are some things that some of us can not imagine living without and our mobile phones is definitely one to save money you should stay away from contracts and try to take a prepaid method this saves the average person about $80 per month (for Verizon/ATT users).

Somethings such as food, usage of electricity and lights and miscellaneous things like our phone bill we can compromise one but our rent and/or mortgage just have to remember to get something affordable and make smart economic decisions, so you can stay sailing above water without sinking in debt.

Learning to properly budget money if also apart of maintaining, you have to do everything as planned to stick with your estimate or you could end up spending more than you are raking in. Money does not grow on trees and it is up to us as individuals to responsibly spend so that we can invest in other things and make our money grow and expand. Spending smart is always better that way you have something to save and store for a time when we need it most.

Staff Writer; Myra Moore

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