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Your Self-Conversation is Important.

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( Positive affirmation from the people we value is priceless. When words that build us up come from others we know our life matter to them without assumption. When the words are reinforced by action we can feel the support needed to push though obstacles. It is necessary to understand the most important conversation is not the one others are having with you, but in fact the one you are having with yourself. No one can ever validate you, or not, more than you. Your words will offer the greatest support, or detriment, to your life. Granted what we tell self is based on many factors: upbringing, past failures, past achievements, abuse, pain and love to name a few. Though these are viable factors we still have the power to decide what our conversation will be. Owning that truth can become the beginning of a new conversation, or the indicators that your conversation is indeed on track.

How often do we actually pay attention to what we are saying to ourselves about ourselves? If you reflect on the previous day, or a few hours ago, what have you been saying to yourself. Do you agree with everything said about you? Does what you say to yourself line up with what you believe? Is your conversation based on where you have been? Is there love or hatred in the conversation? These might seem like simple questions until you truly begin to analyze your self-conversation. Many of us have been told “no one has the right to make you feel inferior”.

That can seem a bit difficult when you find yourself in a space whereby you feel such based on the behaviors of others. The thing is… what you choose to tell yourself is just that…a choice. You have no power to control what others will think of you, say to you, and definitely not the actions they will take. However, self-love is something you have to decide to nurture. Everyone was not raised in a loving home receiving the positivity on a regular basis, yet you are just as important as than those that did group up in said environment.

Whether one decides to turn to books on positivity, or their spirituality you must begin to shift the conversation. It’s important to say positive things to yourself on purpose. Look at you in the mirror and choose love, chose beauty…love on yourself until you believe it. No one said it would be easy, but for wellness sake its necessary. Your number one supporter needs to be you. It doesn’t matter if everyone, or no one, believes you can accomplish your dreams, or that you are special…you must believe this first. Elevating the positivity of self-conversation is also important because as we go through life people transition.

It is very hard when those that go on are ones that always poured the positive conversation into us. When this happens, we need to be able to sustain a positive self-conversation. No matter the reason you should never be solely depended on another human being to do for you what you are capable of doing for self. It may be difficult at first but developing a positive self-conversation will elevate you to new levels of self-love that can ward of various kinds of abuse and keep you fueled to overcome the obstacles you face in life.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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