Friday, July 19, 2024

How Technology Is Continuing To Reshape Politics.

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(ThySistas.comWe’re living in a world that is ever in flux. Close your eyes for a minute, and something will have changed when you open them again! This is due, in part, to technology, which is changing just about everything about modern life, from our homes to how we work and yes, of course, to politics. Indeed, the role of technology in politics may be vastly understated: it has already had a tremendous influence and will continue to do so as technology improves.

Engaged Voters

There was once upon a time when voters didn’t have too many places to turn to when it came to getting their political information. It was either straight from the politician’s mouth, or from one of the newspapers. It was transparent, but only to a degree. Now, everything really is transparent. If a politician says something, the voter can check the accuracy of their statement with a quick Google search. Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have also had a tremendous impact when it comes to voter engagement. Log in, and you’ll find plenty of lively debates. It’s not always the most productive of debates, but they’re much better than nobody caring what’s going on in the world.

Moving to Fairer Voting

A hangover from the memory of the 2016 Presidential election was all the talk of hacking and electoral fraud. This isn’t the first time that it’s happened in the history of politics, but now, it seems like something might be put in place to make it a thing of the past. As can be seen on the website for the Arizona Secretary of State, there’s now a program called ‘ERIC,’ which helps to make voting rolls more accurate. There have also been calls to improve election cybersecurity.  

Better Informed Politicians

Politicians aren’t superhuman. They can only do what they can. Thankfully, with tech by their side, they’re able to serve their people even better – because they’re able to read and hear the views of the people more easily. Most politicians have a Facebook or Twitter account, with which they can have direct communication with the voters they’re trying to serve. Technology also helps them have a clearer understand of the state of the nation and the wider world, as they’re able to read the news as they’re traveling from one place to another.

More Accountable Politicians

This works both ways, too. Back in the olden days, a politician could avoid talking with the people they voted for quite easily. Now? Not so much. If they do something that a voter doesn’t like, all that voter has to do is open up their smartphone, direct to Twitter, and then tell their politician – and the world – just what they’re thinking. There has never in the history of the world been such easy access to the ears of the people in power!

Of course, technology isn’t just shaping politics in positive ways – there are a few bad things going on too. But in all, it’s fair to say it’s made a positive contribution.

Staff Writer; Natasha Jacobs

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