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Petty Can Damage a Relationship.

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(ThySistas.comPetty has gone from the playground to the home. Its unfortunate that too many sisters, and brothers but are focusing on us for a moment, have allowed social media and Reality TV to tell them petty is the way to be. It to the point that we glorify, and brag, about handling situations in a petty manner from our job, to our home. Look, the truth is we are either grown women, or are children trapped in the body of women. It is important we decide because the choice will govern how we handle our men. Being petty to a man that is doing his best to please, and support you, can damage the relationship.

Granted he isn’t perfect…but neither are you. Opting to handle the matters of your relationship in a childish manner is costly, and in many ways hypocritical. Let’s be honest…if our man has something on his chest we want him to come to us like an adult and talk about it. We want to work through the issue, so we can move forward. We, under no circumstance, want him to behave in a petty manner towards us.

This is the point by which we many need to unplug, look ourselves in the mirror, and decide who we want to be as grown women…verses allowing a trend to dictate our reality. When you choose to be petty you actively engage in behavior that can disrespect, or demean, your man and many sisters are expecting him to eat it. Never dish out a meal you have no desire to eat.

You give up ground in your relationship anytime your stoop to the level of behaving in a petty manner to handle issues. Heaven forbid the petty attitude rears its head because you can’t have your way in a situation. Its quite easy to point the finger at men, and what they need to fix. Yes, there are things they need to work on, but you can only start with yourself.

In many cases its best to lead by example. You can demand mature adult behavior when that is all you deal in, furthermore you create an expectation that commands the respect of others. You aren’t seen as the walking contradiction of the female screaming “I’m a grown woman” while displaying the behaviors of a petulant child. Petty was once a behavior that children were reprimanded for, and now adults partake of it at will. The truth is petty is the word used to hide the behavior of a jerk…to put it kindly. It is worse than that of a child, and we must come to terms with the damage it causes.

Being a jerk doesn’t solve problems, nor does it foster healing. The damage caused by this behavior can cause you, in the end, to lose a man that loves you but isn’t willing to spend the rest of his life playing childish games. If that were to happen you would have to access yourself as to why you are single, because you shouldn’t be such. Just as we don’t want to deal with a petty man…he doesn’t want to deal with a petty you. Let’s grow up, and stay grown, by leaving the petty behavior for Reality TV.

Staff Writer; Chelle’ St James

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